Zein Motors, GS Global join hands to cooperate in electric vehicle business
Zein Motors, GS Global join hands to cooperate in electric vehicle business
  • Son In-sung
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On Aug. 7, 2018

Two companies seek comprehensive cooperation, including joint marketing of 1-ton electric cargo trucks, expansion of the lineup of various electric vehicles, and offering of comprehensive solutions for electric commercial vehicles.

Zein Motors, a subsidiary of Dae-il Corp. (DIC, CEO Kim Sung-moon), and GS Global (CEO Heo Se-hong) signed an MOU for cooperation in the electric commercial vehicle business on Aug. 7 last year.

Zein Motors, a medium-sized company specializing in electric vehicles, and GS Global, the nation's leading general trading company, have agreed to jointly develop a business model for electric vehicles and enter the domestic and foreign electric vehicle markets.

CEO Kim Sung-moon of Zein Motors (right,) and CEO Heo Se-hong of GS Global signed an MOU on Aug. 7, 2018 for cooperation in the electric commercial vehicle business.

Zein Motors and GS Global have a strategy to use their business capabilities and networks to provide optimal solutions to customers and explore domestic and foreign electric commercial vehicle markets. In addition, a medium-sized company with the best technical know-how in Korea on electric commercial vehicles and a large company with solid global networks can meet the needs of the market and realize social responsibilities of win-win models and environment improvement through bilateral cooperation between large and small businesses.
After signing the MOU, Zein Motors and GS Global plan to establish a joint response to domestic and foreign marketing of the nation’s first 1-ton electric cargo truck Calmato, which is currently preparing for release, and expand the electric commercial vehicle lineup through cooperation with various foreign partners of GS Global, and build differentiated charging facilities and A/S infrastructure. On the mid- and long-term basis, the two companies are also planning to jointly develop products, expand production bases, and advance into overseas markets.

Electric vehicles can dramatically reduce CO2 and fine dust as they are replaced with diesel cargo trucks and that they have high fuel cost reduction effects, which will greatly contribute to improving profits of small business owners. Meanwhile, companies and business owners that transport cargoes strongly welcomed the introduction of electric commercial vehicles as the government's measure is aimed at easing air pollution stemming from existing engine cargo trucks, and it is possible to purchase business license plates for electric delivery vehicles starting from November this year.
"The two companies will not only actively enter the new domestic and overseas electric commercial vehicle markets, but also continue efforts to create a win-win model between large and small- and medium-sized companies,” said Kang Sang-min, vice president of Zein Motors.

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