Calmato, Korea's first electric cargo truck
Calmato, Korea's first electric cargo truck
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Based on 40 years of accumulated technical skills of automotive parts, Dae-il Corp (DIC, CEO Kim Sung-moon) is releasing Calmato, Korea's first 1-ton electric cargo truck, through Zein Motors, affiliated company of DIC.
Calmato is an Italian musical term that means, “play quietly and serenely.” Calmato, which will be released through its subsidiary, Zein Motors, is equipped with a 280N.m high-performance motor, the powertrain of electric vehicle, 34kw high-efficiency battery and BMS (battery management system) on the existing 1-ton cargo truck, and advanced control technologies, including VCU (vehicle control unit) that is optimized for electric vehicle operation, have been applied to it.

Calmato which is a 1-ton electric cargo truck of Zein Motors

Although the exterior looks similar to the existing 1-ton diesel truck, the interior is fully eco-friendly electric vehicle, which has been refined. Above all, fuel efficiency and power are important because it is a commercial vehicle, and optimal driving distance and towing capability at low speed are more important than fast speed.

In addition, the safety and durability, the merits of the existing diesel cargo trucks, are maintained, but the noise and smoke are not present, making Calmato suitable for transportation in urban areas or for transporting small cargo. Calmato, the first 1-ton electric cargo truck to be released in Korea, is expected to bring about a significant change in the existing cargo truck market.

CEO Kim Sung-moon of DIC group

After four years of development, Calmato can drive 120km on a single charge at the maximum speed of 100km/h (*Application of the maximum speed limitation device), realizing the benefits of electric vehicles - economic feasibility, safety and convenience. Above all, it is the best eco-friendly car thinking of humans and nature as it has reduced by a total cost of 32 million won over five years compared to diesel-powered cargo trucks and has no fine dust.
Because of these advantages, the government is paying a subsidy to 1-ton electric cargo trucks. If the government (The Ministry of Environment)'s subsidies and local governments' subsidies are added together, they can receive 26~28 million won. This means that consumers' burden is greatly reduced. On top of this, Calmato's economic feasibility will be maximized given the acquisition of business license plate that is traded in around 20 million won, reduction of fuel and maintenance costs, and tax benefits.


Recently, Zein Motors' 1-ton electric cargo truck, Calmato, passed the Ministry of Environment's certification. As the nation's first 1-ton electric cargo vehicle has passed the ministry's certification of emissions and noise, Calmato has emerged as an epoch-making alternative to reducing fine dust.
Calmato received the "fitness" judgment on 1-ton electric cargo vehicle for the first time in Korea in a safety-qualification test conducted by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority's Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute (KATRI) under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on Oct. 2, 2018.
With Calmato, which has passed the government`s certification, Zein Motors is expected to start mass sales from this spring, contributing to improving fine dust in Korea and leading the change in the domestic commercial vehicle market.

A factory of Zein Motors

In May 2018, Zein Motors secured more than 12,000 pyeong of land at the national industrial complex in Dalseong-gun, Daegu, and held a factory completion ceremony to mass-produce 10,000 1-ton electric cargo trucks Calmato annually for the first time in Korea. It also signed an MOU with some of the nation's leading delivery companies on the introduction of electric delivery vehicles. It has already finished the construction of sales, A/S, and additional service infrastructures.
In particular, it signed an MOU with GS Global on Aug. 7 for cooperation in the electric commercial vehicle business, completing the core value chain for the sale of electric freight cars. By utilizing their business capabilities and network, Zein Motors and GS Global are planning to provide optimal solutions to customers and to pioneer domestic and foreign electric commercial vehicle markets.
In addition to the release of Calmato in Korea, Zein Motors has two more outstanding strategies for growth. One is the lineup expansion and the other is advancement into overseas markets. In addition to Calmato, which is an electric freight car, the company plans to produce a multi-purpose vehicle, called Terrian, which can be used for agriculture, parks, recreation forests, arboretum, theme parks and lawnmowers aimed at the U.S. market.
State-of-the-art technology system equipped with electric vehicle's performance, economic viability and convenience have been applied to Terrian. It is an electric vehicle optimized for various work transports in the industry, agriculture, fishing and livestock fields, enabling long driving distances with short charging.

The second is its advancement into the Philippines and Vietnam. In July last year, Zein Motors dispatched a management team to the Philippines and checked its partners' preparation for electric jeepney business. At the invitation of the Department of Energy in the Philippines, the management of Zein Motors met with key government personnel and checked the situation of the construction of infrastructure to supply electric jeepneys in the Philippines, confirming the Philippine government's active position and support for the introduction of electric jeepneys.
Meanwhile, it is also planning to attack the Vietnamese market. It is in sales talks with leading small- and medium-sized electric vehicles assembly and sales companies in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and will visit state-run companies specialized in production and sales of mid- and large-sized public vehicles and meet with government’s key personnel to discuss various cooperation in the production and sales of electric vehicles. With this, Zein Motors has secured a solid foothold in the field of commercial electric vehicles, receiving technical recognition in the field of electric commercial vehicles both at home and abroad..
Zein Motors, the first Korean company to release 1-ton electric cargo trucks and expand its operations to overseas markets, has been backed by her parent company, DIC. DIC, the parent company of Zein Motors, was founded in 1976. It is a mid-sized company that produces powertrain parts equipped with the nation`s best technology and state-of-the-art systems, including automobiles, heavy equipment, and motorcycles, and it has eight subsidiaries. Starting with the completion of the construction of the Kentucky factory in the U.S. in May this year, the company plans to expand its business arena to the Philippines and Vietnam, widening its sales networks to Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

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