The Korea Post publishes National Day special reports with its five media units
The Korea Post publishes National Day special reports with its five media units
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The Korea Post now publishes the National Day Special Country Report on the different countries not only on its regular English print monthly but also on the Korean-language Internet daily (, the English Internet edition ( and the e-daily, Korean Daily Media Headlines, with a summary linked to the English and Korean Internet editions.

The English and Korean texts and photos are also published in an English-Korean print supplement, one half of the total number of pages (12 to 16 pages) in English and the other half in Korean.
Unlike in the English print edition, there are practically no limits to the number of pages on the Internet editions and as they are updated real-time the stories and photos are published as soon as the texts and photos arrive and are processed--without any worry about the editorial deadline as they are published as they come.
The English and Korean Internet publications also reach the readers far and wide beyond the territories as they are disseminated through e-mail and websites.
The Korean residents overseas, especially the Korean business people, are also encouraged to contribute their business and personal experiences and practical suggestions with photos for publication by The Korea Post, which stimulate the prospective business people in Korea to invest in the countries covered by The Korea Post.
The Korea Post also offers an adequate space to accommodate contributions by the Korean companies with their branch offices and/or production facilities overseas when they wish to contribute their stories and photos for the promotion of understanding, cooperation, exchanges and friendship between Korea and the countries where they have their business interests.
National Day Special Reports with their stories become more substantial and make the countries look a lot more familiar to the potential and prospective Korean investors.
The world continues to be shrunken and the territorial boundaries are coming down rapidly thanks to the unimaginably fast development of information-communication technology.

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