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The Korea Post publishes the first issue of its Korean-language print weekly

Finally, The Korea Post published the first issue of its Korean-language print weekly newspaper on Feb. 27, 2015 in addition to its Korean-language Internet daily (www.koreapost.co.kr).

The Korea-language weekly will perform the role of a bridge between Korean society and the international community in Korea, particularly the Diplomatic Corps of Korea for the 108 resident embassies and additional 100-plus non-resident embassies accredited to Korea.
Now the embassies in Korea and overseas can fully utilize the Korean-language weekly in meeting their publicity needs by emailing their press releases and whatever other information they may have with full trust that The Korea Post is their friend for the past 30 years, nay 40 years as Publisher Lee Kyung-sik also served the diplomatic community in the 1970s as Cultural Editor of The Korea Herald.
One good benefit from the Korean-language weekly for the embassies wishing to publish a National Day or Diplomatic Anniversary Special Report is the advantage of having it published in both Korean and English languages. Also, the Special Report can be published in the weekly of The Korea Post both in English and Korean as well as in the English Internet daily (
www.koreapost.com), Korean-language Internet daily and the main English print monthly of The Korea Post.
Thus, the Special Report can reach a much wider spectrum of readers in Korea and around the world, especially the Korean people who do not speak the English language and who are much larger.
All the embassies accredited to Korea can email their press releases with photos to
edt@koreapost.com or korpost@chol.com in Korean and English. If translation is needed, it can be done at a nominal fee.
Of course, there is no charge for publishing the press releases of the embassies.
All told, the international community in Korea, particularly the Diplomatic Corps, can use the five media units of The Korea Post, including the Korean-language weekly, as their community new media.

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