Premium local Korean food at Caf? 395
Premium local Korean food at Caf? 395
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At Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel

23 March 2015, Seoul, Korea--Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Caf? 395 offers a new concept in hotel dining by offering market-to-table goods that put the spotlight on fresh and premium ingredients. As the hotel’s flagship restaurant, Caf? 395 also offers a mouthwatering selection of Korean dishes that will be sure to please local diners as well as travellers to Korea.
Offered on the menu are Kori Gom Tang, Yook Gye Jang, Bul Galbi, Sam Gye Tang, Domi Jjim, and Dolsot Bibimbab. They are priced from KW37,000 to KW46,000.

Kori Gom Tang is a traditional oxtail soup with tender, fall-off-the-bone oxtail, garlic and onions. The savory, nourishing soup is served with steamed rice and traditional condiments.
Yook Gye Jang will appeal to those who love spicy foods. The beef and vegetable soup has a kick to it, and is served with steamed rice and traditional condiments.
Bul Galbi is marinated and barbecued prime beef rib, served with steamed rice and traditional condiments. Bul Galbi is such a crowd pleaser that even those who are uninitiated to Korean food will quickly fall in love with this dish!
Sam Gye Tang is a nourishing dish made with whole tender young chicken with glutinous rice stuffing and served in a restorative broth of Korean ginseng, jujube fruit, garlic and ginger and served with traditional condiments. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when you are feeling under the weather or tired.
Domi Jjim is red snapper poached in soya sauce, leeks and garlic and topped with egg and sesame seeds. It is served with steamed rice and traditional condiments.
Dolsot Bibimbab is one of Korea’s most well-known and popular dishes. It is made with steamed rice that is topped with saut?ed beef, shredded mountain vegetables and topped with a fried farm fresh egg. It is beautifully presented in a hot stone bowl, and red chilli paste mixed in at the table by the diner before eating.
Bask in the spacious elegance of Caf? 395, which utilizes only the freshest premium ingredients for a vibrant dining experience ? one that is sure to impress.
Caf? 395 also offers an impressive buffet priced at KW89,000 per person (lunch and dinner) which includes Korean dishes; Seasoned Wild Chive, Ganjang Gejang, Korean Beef Tartare, Bossam Kimchi, Ogokbap, Tteokgalbi, Seasoned Skate and more.
For reservations or enquiries, please call Caf? 395 at (02) 317-3062. Prices quoted above are already inclusive of tax and service charge.

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