First direct chartered flight from Korea to Latvia scheduled for May
First direct chartered flight from Korea to Latvia scheduled for May
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Press conference held in the Embassy of Republic of Latvia

On the 24th April, Embassy of the Republic of Latvia held a press conference regarding direct chartered flight from Korea to Latvia.

The press conference was organized with first a welcome greeting by H.E ambassador Peteris Vaivars of Latvia, followed by an introduction of Latvia’s geographic and economic review by the Deputy Head of Mission, Olegs Ilgis. They both shared the importance of the tourism industry in Latvia and had a clear vision to boost visits and strengthen the tourism industry with effective tourism packages partnered with HanJin Travel Agency.

Ambassador of Latvia kindly welcoming the media representatives.

The ambassador firmly stated that since the establishment of the Latvian embassy in Seoul, they had focused on solely building and enhancing the relationship between Latvia and Korea. The primary objective mentioned was increasing awareness of the country itself as Korean people in the past had small knowledge of even where Latvia is located on the global map.

He emphasized that by increasing awareness through tourism the two countries can build stronger ties and achieve effective partnerships from political to economic bonds.

Latvia located in the north of E.U is a relatively small country with a population of 2 million. The Deputy Head of Mission, Olegs Ilgis gave a fine presentation of the status of Latvia. With a strong growth rate and a highly educated population, Latvia has a positive future ahead.

To end the press conference Operation Manager of HanJin Travel Agency, Park Dong Ryong gave a presentation on the set up of the first ever direct flight from Korea to Latvia with tourism packages confidently laid out.

Hanjin Operation Manager giving a pitch of the tour packages to the media representatives.

The HanJin travel agency had partnered with the Embassy of Latvia to customize travel packages to attract a wide range of the demographic.

The employees of HanJin visited all around Latvia to create a lucrative tourist package. The Operations Manager described 4 packaged products from luxury to a more economic plan. He strongly stated that the tourist products were focused on proving the best possible user experience rather than profit for the agency.

With the success of increasing awareness of Latvia and a successful tour package, they believe the chartered flights could soon lead to regular interval flights from Korea. Once again, with these small steps of recognition the Latvian government is confident that synergies will be recognized with greater foreign direct investment (FDI) and other sectors by Korea leading to a more prosperous economy for both countries.

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