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Ansan City hosts 2015 International Street Arts FestivalAt Ansan Culture Plaza on May 1-3, 2015

The Ansan City, some 26 miles southwest of Seoul, hosts the 2015 Ansan International Street Arts Festival (AISAF) at the Ansan Culture Plaza on May 1-3, 2015 in a three-day run on the theme of ‘City in Action!’ which is also a slogan for the event.
A total of 61 works will be presented during the Festival, namely 48 from Korea and 13 from nine foreign countries.

▲Envolee, an opening program of the Festival from Aerosculpture,France

The AISAF poses a substantial contrast with conventional street drama festivals in the fact that it attempts to produce new works created through a harmonious merger between the intrinsic artistic value of the street dramas and regional features of Ansan.
Among the 12 official entries are six Korean works and the remaining six entries from a number of different countries, namely France, Australia, the Netherlands and Portugal.
The Korean works consist of (1) ‘AnNyeong’ (literally, “Hi!”) created by Creative Group NONI, (2) ‘Falling as I Lean Against the Wall’ by CCOT, (3) ‘Living the Good Life’ by Ambiguous Dance Company, (4) ‘MUSEE BOULRAL’ by Hwarang Art Pyrotechnics, (5) ‘Donkey Shadow Trial’ by Art-Factory Comma And and (6) ‘Tempest’ by Theatre Haddange. Among the six Korean works, the opening work is Annyeong.

▲AnNyeong (Hi!), an opening program of the Festival from Creative Group NONI, Korea

Among the foreign works, the opening entry is one from France named ‘Envolee’ created by Aerosculpture Group. Others include ‘Megaphone Project’ by Megaphone Project from Australia, the SKRYF by Gijs Van Bon from the Netherlands and the ‘What Remains’ from Portugal.
In addition to the works created by the Korean and international artists and art organizations, there are various interesting programs for the direct participation by the citizens and bystanders. Also to be presented are large-scale works jointly created by Korean and international artists.

▲A poster introducing the 2015 Ansan Intenational Street Arts Festival

On the eve of the opening day on April 30, the organizers plan to carry out pre-opening performances entitled ‘Pre-Festival Wongok-dong’ to boost the festive mood of the Ansan International Street Drama Festival.
Following the tragic sinking of the ferry boat, Sewol, on April 16, 2014, the general ambience in the country is in a subdued state as well as the Ansan City and the surrounding region.
The Ansan International Street Art Festival is expected to give a shot in the arm of the city and the country to recover their vitality and energy.

▲Grand Continental 1 to presented at the closing ceremony

The total number of entries is 61 as was briefly mentioned earlier and of the number 48 are from Korea and 13 are from nine different countries such as Japan and Canada in addition to the countries already mentioned.
Among the highlights of the Festival is a large-scale community dance which is presented in Ansan for the first time in Asia. The choreographer is from Canada and a total of 160 citizen dancers, who were specially recruited in February, will take part in the mammoth dance.

▲Grand Continental 2 to presented at the closing ceremony

▲‘Falling As I Lean Against the Wall!’ by CCOT (a painting performance)

▲‘Pyro Artwork’ by HWARANG Art Pyrotechnics

▲‘Tempost’ by Theatre Haddange

▲‘Cathedral of Steel’ by Osmosis by Osmosis Cie-Ali Salmi (France)

▲‘Fun Run in Ansan’ by All The Queens Men (Australia)

▲‘SKRYF’ by Gijs Van Bon (the Netherlands)

▲‘What remains’ (Ce Qui Reste) by O Ultimo Momento (Portugal)

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