Chief of Renault Samsung expects S. Korean R&D to play vital role
Chief of Renault Samsung expects S. Korean R&D to play vital role
  • Kevin Kim
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Bigger role for Renault Technology Korea

The chief of Renault Samsung Motors Corp., the South Korean unit of Renault SA of France stated on Wednesday that the Korean R&D center will need to play a key role.

Dominique Signora said Renault Technology Korea will play a vital role for the French automotive company under the expansion of Renault’s regional HQ, in which South Korea has become a part of Africa-Middle East India Pacific region.

Last month Renault reorganized its regional headquarters, regrouping South Korea, Japan, Australia and other ASEAN countries to the AMI Pacific Region. The region is said to cover over 100 countries with half of the global population.

Signora said the latest move from the group offers Renault Samsung a better opportunity in exports and to take steps for sustainable growth.He added that Fabrice Cambolive, the chairman of the AMI-Pacific region who visited South Korea last week, recognized Renault Samsung as having great potential for success.

Kwon Sang-soon, who heads Renault Technology Korea, said the R&D center is responsible for developing Renault's compact sedans and sport utility vehicles, as well as new models for the Asia region. He said the research facility is currently inspecting the XM3 compact SUV that will be sold next year and studying projects for the liquid petroleum gas-fueled QM6 SUV.

Kwon added that Renault is reviewing whether it should bring the super mini electric vehicle Zoe to the South Korean market next year.

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