‘When the customers wear a happy smile, I feel fully rewarded’
‘When the customers wear a happy smile, I feel fully rewarded’
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Master Hanbok Designer Byun Hwang-hee

Hanbok Designer Ms. Byun Hwang-hee has been designing the traditional Korean Hanbok costumes for the past 30 years when she started out with a very small boutique at one corner of the Gwangjang Market in eastern Seoul in 1984. She was only a 20-year-old young woman.
Hwanghee Hanbok Boutique she manages today is among the largest and best known in Korea.

She says she feels the happiest when her customers wear a big smile as a sign of full satisfaction with the Hanbok dresses done for them.
She made Hanbok for the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics as an associate designer. It was the time when she made up her mind resolutely that
she would become a top Hanbok designer in Korea.
In 1992 at her age of 27, she opened her Hyunkyung Judan Hanbok and had three of Hanbok dresses published by a Hanbok magazine which made her known widely as far as to Japan.
Her Hanbok dresses gained much popularity among the Japanese and she started exporting her Hanbok dresses to Japan.
Now she wants to have her Hanbok dresses exposed to the entire world.
In 2011, she moved her boutique to Nyonhyeon-dong in the Gangnam Boom Town and in 2012 she finds her Hwanghee Uriot (Hwanghee Korean Dress) already becominga popular Hanbok brand in Korea.
She reiterates, "When our customers wear a happy smile, that is the time when I, too, become happy."

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