Zein Motors explores Southeast Asian electric cargo truck market
Zein Motors explores Southeast Asian electric cargo truck market
  • Son Da-som
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“Calmato” hits the market

Zein Motors has announced that it has launched domestic sales of Korea’s first one-ton electric freight truck “Calmato” after passing all government regulatory procedures. The company is also exploring electric cargo truck markets in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Calmato, which was developed after four years of research, can travel up to 84 kilometers (5 cycle fuel economy calculation) 84km on a single charge as it secures economic feasibility, safety, and convenience that signify strengths of electric vehicles. The maximum speed is 93km/h.

Calmato EV, Korea’s first one-ton eco-friendly electric truck.

Compared to diesel cargo trucks, maintenance costs can be cut by a total of 23 million won over five years. Above all, it is a best eco-friendly vehicle that remains dedicated to the environmental preservation. The one-ton electric truck generates no fine dust which has become a social issue in Korea.

Because of these features, the government subsidizes one-ton electric cargo trucks. If subsidies from the government (Environment Ministry) and local governments (Seoul and Daegu) are added, 27 million won can be offered. The burden on consumers thus will be greatly reduced. In addition, the economic feasibility of Calmato will be maximized if the company secures business license plates, which are traded in the 30 million won range, reduces fuel and maintenance costs, and gains tax benefits.

Pictured is Zein Motors plant in Daegu.

The one-ton electric cargo truck, Calmato, was declared "fit" for the first time in Korea in a safety compliance test conducted by the Korea Transportation Authority (KATRI) which is under umbrella of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport last year. The Environment Ministry's certification and subsidy evaluation on emissions and noise was completed this year.

The nation's first one-ton electric cargo truck hit the market in May. It is expected to lead changes in the domestic commercial vehicle market by contributing to improving fine dust in the country. A Zein Motors official said the company aims to sell 1,200 units in 2019, adding that it could sell more if government subsidies are increased. "The breakthrough alternative to the elimination of fine dust in Korea has been completed, and Calmato will be the starting point for commercial trucks, which are a symbol of zero emissions, to be transformed into eco-friendly vehicles," said Kim Sung-moon, CEO of Zein Motors.

In addition to the domestic sales of Calmato, the company will explore the Philippine and Vietnamese market. In July last year, Zein Motors sent a team of senior officials to the Philippines to check the preparation of its local partners for the electric Jeepney business. During this period, the management of Zein Motors confirmed the Philippine government's commitment to the introduction of electric jeepney.

Zein Motors also plans to explore the Vietnamese market. It is in talks with a small electric car assembly and sales company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and visited state-run news agencies and key government officials to discuss various cooperation with regard to the production and sales of electric vehicles. By doing so, Zein Motors will be able to gain a solid foothold in the electric commercial vehicle sector, as well as in Korea and abroad, with its electric vehicle manufacturing technology level recognized widely.

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