Zein Motors also committed to development of electric self-driving cars
Zein Motors also committed to development of electric self-driving cars
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Zein Motors will also produce electric self-driving vehicles following the supply of one-ton electric cargo trucks, the first of its kind in Korea to be certified by the government. Zein Motors signed a contract with Lotte Global Logistics on May 10 to sell its one-ton electric cargo truck, Calmato, and released the vehicle for the first time on May 16.

"We have been testing our products with some of the nation's leading distribution and logistics companies since the development stage of the Calmato," a Zein Motors official said. "We will continue to sell more to major couriers and distributors."

Chairman. Kim Sung-moon of DIC.

Zein Motors supplies Calmato through GS Global. The two companies plan to expand their production of electric refrigeration and mid- to large cargo trucks. It is a one-ton electric vehicle that is optimized for delivery of city-style parcels. Calmato currently applied electric vehicle powertrain which is motor, inverter, high-efficiency battery and battery management systems on its body of 1-ton cargo vehicle. It also developed and applied VCU, which is a control device for electric vehicle operation, and advanced control technology. Zein Motors signed an agreement with SpringCloud, an artificial intelligence self-driving low-profile company that developed artificial intelligence platforms and services on May 2 to also produce self-driving mobility in Korea.

Established in 1976, DIC is a mid-sized firm that turns out a range of components and parts of automobiles and heavy duty machines. It has eight affiliates including Zein Motors. According to one senior official. “We have countless tests in and out of our factory to enhance the quality and customer confidence,” he said. “With the air pollution becoming worse day and day, we have intensified our efforts to develop electric freight trucks.” He remarked that the supply expansion of electric trucks could contribute to the improvement of air quality. The electric truck is expected to fully meet drivers' needs and can revolutionize traditional heavy duty transport.

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