The start for globalization of the Korea Sailing Federation
The start for globalization of the Korea Sailing Federation
  • Lee Jun-yeop
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President of Korea Sailing Federation leads the Sailing Federation to globalize and revitalize the sport

The Korea Sailing Federation and The Korea Post media organized a special meeting aimed at promoting the globalization of the activities of the Korea Sailing Federation at a Japanese restaurant named ‘Jinsusa’ in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on May 7, 2019.

It was also a meaningful day as it also marked the admission of Admiral Kim Pan-gyu as vice chairman.

On that day, Yoo Joon-sang, the new president of the Korea Sailing Federation, said, "I will take the lead in the globalization of the Korea Sailing Federation and the revitalization of the sport, and I will take the lead to take the top position internationally."

From left, Director Byung-tae Ahn of the National Taekwondo Institute, Admiral Pan-Gyu Kim, President Bong-No Joo of the Winis Construction, Vice Chairperson Kyung-Hee Cho of The Korea Post media, President Joon-Sang Yoo of the Korea Sailing Federation, and CEO In-Tae Jang of Lincoln Law.

Cho Kyung-hee, vice chairman of Korea Post, said, "I want to cooperate with the globalization of Korea Sailing Federation and international promotion, and I will work for the era of the generalization of sailing."

President Yoo Joon-sang of the Korea Sailing Federation is a member of the National Assembly and founder of the 21st Century Economic and Social Research Institute. He has served as a permanent member of the Advisory Council on Democratic Peace and Unification. Since 2008, he has organized and hosted the Dokdo Guard Marathon every year. He has been an advisor to the National Sports Council of Korea for the advancement of physical education in Korea.

Sailing and the Navy have the same ideals and goals of conquering and dreaming at sea.

Furthermore, Director Ahn Byung Tae of the National Taekwondo Institute and Lincoln Law Firm Attorney Jang In-tae are working to normalize the organization.

It was a special day, in particular, to approve the appointment of Chairman of the Korea Sailing Federation Joo Bong-no of Winis Construction who has been playing a pivotal role in overseas construction for more than 30 years in the Middle East, and is a sailing enthusiast who owns his own yacht in Saudi Arabia.

18th President Yoo Jun Sang of Korea Sailing Federation.

Founder / 21st Century Economic & Social Research Institute
Chairman of the Director / Korea Best of the Best Security Forum
President / Korea Sailing Federation
Standing member of a committee / The National unification Advisory Council
Director / Former Congressman / The Republic of Korean Parliamentarian Society

Admiral Pan Gyu Kim.

2016.10 ~ 2018 Korea Navy Vice Chief of Staff
2016.04 ~ 2016.10 Commander of the 22nd ROK Navy Education Command
2015.04 ~ 2016.04 Principal of the 49th Naval Academy Head of policy department of Navy Headquarters

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