“We provide quality that rises above all your expectations”
“We provide quality that rises above all your expectations”
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States General Manager Morten Andersen at an interview

“We at the Lotte Signiel Hotel provides our guests with quality that rises above all your expectations,” said General Manager Morten Andersen of the Hotel at a recent interview with The Korea Post media, publisher of 3 English and 2 Korean media outlets since 34 years ago in 1985.
Then he said, “We offer the finest personal services along with a luxurious style you cannot find anywhere else.”

Inside of Signiel Hotel room

“Treat yourself to life’s greatest privileges by staying at Signiel. Your stay will be an unforgettable experience,” assures GM Andersen.
Here are details of the Hotel provided to The Korea Post by Lotte Signiel:

States General Manager Morten Andersen

From the moment the guests arrive, tailored services will meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We ask our guests to experience the finest services offered by us. In addition, all guests staying at our hotel are provided with a semi-private space where they can enjoy a variety of drinks and refreshments. The guests enjoy quality time for themselves in a lounge as comfortable as their own living room.
Fine gourmet dishes are meticulously prepared by a world-class chef and add to a memorable experience at the hotel.
In a space where the boundary between kitchen and dining room has vanished, the guests can watch as expert chefs prepare a masterpiece right before their eyes and experience their world of culinary excellence.
Many of the elements that define Signiel, such as design, service, and gourmet cuisine, integrate aspects of traditional Korean culture. The beauty of Korean culture has been interpreted in a modern way so that guests can discover it and feel moved by its effects.

Key Features of Signiel:
Accommodation: Each room was designed to offer a sense of peace to guests, with a harmony between its spaciousness and beautiful interior. Every last detail of the room is carefully tailored to suit your taste, and the Super Premium Bedding System, jointly developed by Signiel and Simmons, promises the guests the best rest possible.
Dining: Signiel is not just a place for travel or business, but a place to experience the finest gourmet cuisine. Each of the chefs at the hotel has a unique gourmet experience to offer that was perfected over countless years. Fresh, seasonal ingredients, the distinct culinary style of each chef, and the stories behind each dish are sure to captivate those who are searching for new experiences.

The Hotel management state that they meticulously chose only the best for the guests. Experts from all fields come together to create special touches, such as concept designs found nowhere else and menus by classy star chefs, to create the moment the guests might have dreamed of. Signiel wedding is the place where two beautiful people shine the brightest.

Signiel Hotel at the Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

Spa & Fitness:
The Hotel is proud to introduce the wellness facility where the guests can spend time focusing on themselves and refreshing their weary body and mind. The Hotel offers customized programs and treatments that are catered to each person’s individual lifestyle.

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