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Wagyu Beef takes Center Stage at Seasons

Millennium Seoul Hilton’s acclaimed French restaurant, is pleased to offer a special promotion featuring the gastronomic splendor of Wagyu beef during the month of May.
Wagyu refers to a highly desired special breed of cattle that is genetically predisposed to intense marbling and higher oleaginic unsaturated fat content. Known for its high quality, Wagyu beef demands a high price, and is known as one of the finest meats in the world.
Diners at Seasons can choose from Roasted Wagyu Beef Sirloin, Rib Eye and Tenderloin in two size portions. Also available are a variety of side dishes (diners may choose two) to complement the Wagyu steaks, including Crushed New Potatoes with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Wild Rocket Leaves; Creamy Truffle Mashed Potatoes; Parmesan Gnocchi served with Wild Rocket Leaves and Vine Tomatoes; Potatoes with Bacon and Onion; and Sauteed Asparagus with Iberico Ham.

The Wagyu Beef sets are priced as follows:
Roasted Wagyu Beef Sirloin Grade 5 ? KW110,000 (200 grams) and KW151,000 (360 grams)
Roasted Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Grade 5 ? KW110,000 (250 grams) and KW151,000 (450 grams)
Roasted Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Grade 4 ? KW126,000 (200 grams) and KW195,000 (360 grams).

Marked by sophistication and beautifully-decorated surroundings, Seasons offers contemporary French gourmet cuisine accented by traditional flavors.
For reservations or enquiries, please call Seasons at (02) 317-3060

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