Korean Presidents had a high opinion of English daily newspapers
Korean Presidents had a high opinion of English daily newspapers
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The Korea Herald Media retirees have a spring reunion

Over 30 members of the ‘Old Boys’ Club’ (OBC), an association of retired editors, executives and other members of The Korea Herald Media (consisting of an English daily and a Korean-language business daily) had a reunion hiking at the Cheonggye Mountain on the southern outskirts of Seoul on April 25, 2015. After the hike they had lunch together at the eastern foot of the mountain.

Chairman Yun Ik-han of the OBC (former executive vice presient of The Korea Herald) said that the ‘Old Boys’ had a good luck that day as the weather could not have been better, not too warm and not too cold and expressed hopes that more members would come at the next reunion.
Former President Choi Suh-young offered a toast wishing everyone a good health and success, which was followed by exchange of their old memories from the expeinces they had together when they were in active duty.
Choi related a story associated the popularity of The Korea Herald, the Englsh daily, which was to the following effect:
Presidents of the Republic of Korea highly appreciated the role played by The Korea Herad and this was often expressed at the exclusive interview the Presidents had with The Korea Herald on the occasion of the foundation anniversary of the English daily.
President Chun Doo-hwan especially had a high opinion of The Korea Herald. Chun said: “I think that you play a very important role in properly introducing the Republic of Korea to the outside world and it is a great service to the country.
“When I visited a foregin country and met with the Head of Government of that country, he already knew much about me and the Repubic of Korea and I aksed him how he was so well versed in me and my country. He told me ‘I learned it from The Korea Herald’ and I was pleasantly surprised.”
The participatns in the 2015 spring reunion, besides Yun and Choi, included many former editors, who inlcluded Cultural Editor Lee Kyung-sik of The Koear Herald (now publisher-chairman of The Korea Post Media formed 30 years ago in 1985). Lee has been covering the diplomatic community since when he was with The Korera Herald in the 1970s.

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