Financial guidebooks issued for Russian speakers in S. Korea
Financial guidebooks issued for Russian speakers in S. Korea
  • Son Da-som
  • 승인 2019.06.24 08:54
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South Korea's financial watchdog said Sunday it has published special guidebooks on daily financial services for Russian-speaking foreigners here, in a move to help foreign workers and their spouses experiencing language barriers.

"The guide is to help foreign-language speakers living in Korea, including multicultural families and migrant workers, to overcome language and cultural barriers and use reliable financial services in Korea," the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) said in a statement.

"The guide contains not only various financial information regarding banking, exchange and overseas remittance, savings and insurance and financial fraud but also useful tips for a better life in Korea," the FSS said.

Since 2015, the FSS has published financial guidebooks in Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Tagalog, Indonesian, English and Thai.

The guidebooks are distributed to banks and training and support centers for foreign workers and multicultural households, as well as being available to view and download on the FSS' website (

There were around 1.25 million foreigners living in South Korea as of last year, with Russian speakers accounting for 2.4 percent of them, according to the FSS.(Yonhap)

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