KOMSCO issues four high-end gold & silver bars using latent image technology
KOMSCO issues four high-end gold & silver bars using latent image technology
  • Cho Kuyung-hee
  • 승인 2019.06.26 15:33
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Modern interpretation of King Kwanggaeto

Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corp. (KOMSCO) has issued four new high-quality gold bar and silver bar products, including "King Kwanggaeto the Great Gold Bar.” The three others are two gold bars and one silver bar for “Gahwamansaseong.”

Under King Kwanggaeto the Great (r391-413), Goguryeo became a powerful empire and one of the great powers in East Asia. King Kwanggaeto made enormous advances and conquests into Western Manchuria against Khitan tribes and inner Mongolia. “Gahwamansaseong” literally means “when home is happy, all goes well.”

Shown are images of King Kwanggaeto the Great Gold Bar/Gahwamansaseong Silver Bar.

King Kwanggaeto the Great Gold Bar received the top award in the Korea medal design competition hosted by the Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corp. in 2018. The front features a modern interpretation of King Kwanggaeto of Goguryeo Kingdom. On the back side, it applied a two-sided latent image technology that guarantees authenticity. With 99.9% purity and 11.25g weight, the gold bar is retailed at 753,000 won apiece including additional taxes.

The Gahwamansaseong Gold Bar and Silver Bar have a tiger and a hawk carved on the front, which is a relic of the Joseon Dynasty that wanted to prevent water, wind and fire disasters. On the back side, the two-sided latent image technology was used to prevent forgery. Silver bar was treated with a tinted color to maximize the feeling of relics.

Images of King Kwanggaeto the Great, Gold Bar & certificate of authenticity, Gahwamansaseong Gold Bar & certificate of authenticity.

The Gahwamansaseong Gold Bar is 99.9 percent pure and weighs 11.25 grams and 26.25 grams, respectively, and are sold at 753,000 won and 1,693,000 won. Silver bars are retailed for 147,000 won with 99.9 percent purity and 93.3 grams weight.

"Gold bars and silver bars are gaining popularity due to the recent influx of money into safety assets," said Lee Bong-sang, head of the KOMSCO’s coinage business team. "They are considered attractive assets as their quality is fully guaranteed by KOMSCO,” he said. “You can purchase them at MOSCO’s online shopping mall(www.koreamint.com) and other shopping outlets. All customers who purchase products worth more than 1 million won will be given a beautiful folding fan,” he said.

Established in 1951, KOMSCO has worked with an important mission as the sole manufacturer of Korea currency,” said KOMSCO CEO Cho Yong-man. Based on anti-counterfeiting technology in the fields of currency, NID, Security product, quality certification of gold-bar etc., he said KOMSCO has continuously expanded market domestically and overseas. “With the pride of contributing to Korea's economic development and happiness of the people, KOMSCO have made great efforts until now,” stressed CEO Cho.

“The products we make are not simple ones but they are embedded with Korean culture and our pride,” he said. These products are currently exported to more than 40 countries. “With this great performance, CEO Cho said, the corporation has steadily improved 'KOMSCO Status' in the international community.” “KOMSCO will give careful attention to public opinion, and go closer to people with open mind. Not only that, but we will also seek to realize the 'Creative Economy' through close alliance with medium and small enterprises,” said CEO Cho.

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