Grand Hilton Seoul presents ‘Take Out, Chillin Out’ promotion
Grand Hilton Seoul presents ‘Take Out, Chillin Out’ promotion
  • Son Da-som
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Grand Hilton Seoul, located in Seodaemun-gu Seoul, is presenting ‘Take out, Chillin out’ which consists of the menus which can be garnished with beer, wine and other drinks at the hotel bakery shop, ‘Alpine Deli’.

‘Take out Chillin out’ is a summer vacation season menu for the guests who plan to have an outdoor picnic, home party. Or you may have it as to-go menus that you can enjoy in the room. You may choose two options of beer and wine, and the starting price is KRW 20,000~.

‘Beer Cheers set’ consists of two Budweiser beers, crisp fried chicken wings and shrimp fries, and fried potatoes with sour cream and cheese dip sauce on it. Beer could be changed to soft drink. Price - KRW 29,900. ‘Wine Fine set’ offers a choice of a bottle of red wine or 2 bottles of posy wine, Salmon salad, Chicken wings, Shrimp fries, potato croquette, a dessert including fruits, macaroons, and cookies. Price – KRW 49,900 (Including tax and service charge)

Meanwhile, ‘Alpine Deli’, located on the basement 1st floor of Grand Hilton Seoul is a premium bakery shop where pastry chefs had well experienced in a luxury hotel. Soft creampuff, croissants and a variety of bakeries from baguettes to tarts, as well as a sandwich and a light meal menus are prepared.

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