CEMCUS GLOBAL involved in rose-processing project
CEMCUS GLOBAL involved in rose-processing project
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Korean SMEs urged to acquire ‘Chinese ways’ for business success in China
Chairman Zhao Yong Sheng of the China-Korea Cooperative Economic Development Strategy Center said at a press conference at the Abritz Hotel in Changchun, China on July 7, 2015: "In my opinion, not many Korean small and medium-sized enterprises have achieved business success in China. The main reason is that they try to adapt their sense of value to China. The Center is now prepared to develop “platforms” that will be developed by China's elites in various sectors and to help Korean businesses make success in China."

Chairman Zhao expressed confidence that he knows how Korean businesses can successfully conduct business in China..
Zhao noted that a number of policy consultants, investors and legal staff will participate in each of the forthcoming platforms. He said, "Toward the end of this year, some successful business models that Korean SMEs have achieved in China can be identified with the aid of the platforms." He stressed that Koreans' business failures in China should not be ascribed to their faults only. Their failures can also result from "Chinese way of thinking."
Currently, an estimated one million SMEs are reportedly in operation in China's Jilin province. Chairman Zhao said, “Chinese people of Korean descent tend to perceive South Korea as a massive precision processing factory instead of a large capital market. Korean capitalists also are inclined to see China as a precision processing factory rather than a huge capital market." The China-Korea Cooperative Economic Development Strategy Center will analyze China's "market rules and economic pulses of civilian enterprises" and provide both China and Korea with the "synergies of effective cooperation."
Chairman Zhao based his analysis of the Chinese and Korean economies
on his acquisition of the “method of regulation and arrangement” as well as his deep knowledge of Korea which he has accumulated from his frequent trips to the country. Chairman Zhao said the China-Korea Cooperative Economic Development Strategy Center is now holding consultations with three Korean entities, adding that tangible results could be made soon. He said it is important that “practical exchanges” would be pursued instead of “exchange for exchange’s sake” between Korea and China.

Chairman Zhao is seeking to deepen business relationships with Korea. He feels very much proud of the fact that he is a Korean Chinese, who was born in the Yanbian region, while the royal blood of the Qing dynasty flows in his veins. He is actively involved in three organizations including the Strategy Center and an entity dedicated to promotion of small businesses.
In addition, Chairman Zhao is also involved in a roses project which is carried out by Yuanhuifa Roses Research & Development Co., Ltd.
The project aims to establish massive rose farms alongside a lake in Gongzhulling City in Jilin province. Eventually, farms with roses cultivated will turn into a facility for deep processing and eco-tourism. A group of 10 close associates will participate in the project, said Chairman Zhao. He said this news was first revealed to Korea.
Chairman Zhao predicted that President Zhangliguo of Yuanhuifa Roses Research & Development Co., Ltd will experience no shortage of operating funds as he runs a financially solid company. Instead, President Zhang may need various support including global cutting-edge technology.
Chairman Zhao noted that roses are widely used as ingredients of medicines, foods, alcohols and cosmetics. As such, roses are a valuable crop to cultivate, he stressed.
The roses project is set to be executed for about six years in three stages, roses cultivation, deep processing and creation of an eco-tourism site. Noting that roses began to be planted in October 2014, Chairman Zhao stressed, “After six years, this will be emerged as a famous area in Jilin province.” He thus painted a rosy picture for the rose project. Chairman Zhao disclosed that Korea’s CEMCUS GROBAL Co. Ltd is now involved in the project.
CEMCUS GLOBAL, which produces cosmetics and supplies cosmetics ingredients, requires liquid solutions of roses as base material for cosmetics. This is the reason that CEMCUS GLOBAL CEO Moon Se Lin has concluded an MOU to secure a stable supply of raw materials for cosmetics. She is convinced that the roses project will reap fruitful results with good roses planted over a vast area.
CEMCUS GLOBAL, which was convinced of the reliability of the project, decided to join in the Roses Deep Processing Project. CEMCUS GLOBAL will back up the development of products using liquid solutions of roses, according to Chairman Zhao.

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