President Park expected to win over 50% approval rating from 37%
President Park expected to win over 50% approval rating from 37%
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Thanks to successful high-level inter-Korean negotiations

Real Meter, an opinion surveyor, predicted that the popularity rating of President Park Geun-hye will rise to over 50% soon surpassing the 51.6% she won during the 2012 Presidential elections. According a Korean-language CBS report this morning (Aug. 26), approval rating of the people for President Park made a sharp upturn from 37% (Aug. 7) following the successful high-level inter-Korean contact over the land mind case where suspected North Korea-planted land mines seriously wounded two South Korean soldiers. The Real Meter predicted that the popularity rating of President Park could further rise with the passage of time.
In most past negotiations between the two sides, South Korea has made concessions to North Korea under the pressure of North Korean military provocations and intimidations.
During the 4-day ‘marathon negotiations,’ the North Korean regime has made various military intimidations, including the fear-inspiring deployment of 50 submarines (70% of total strength), two-fold increase of the artillery along the north of the DMZ and dispatching of 30 amphibious hovercraft boats to a southern naval port on the West Coast of North Korea.

All preceding Presidents of South Korea succumbed to such North Korean intimidations, but President Park stood fast to her principle saying, “Once and for all, we should stop this kind of bluffing-succumbing round with North Korea.”
Majority of the South Korean people believe that President Park made a correct judgment of the situation even when the tension between the two sides rose to a ‘dangerous point’ when many people were worried lest it should lead to another fratricidal war.
President Park is also cited for her outstanding diplomacy strengthening the diplomatic ties with the United States (including her scheduled summit meeting with President Barack Obama in October) and also with China (attending the military parade on the Victory Day celebration in Beijing on Sept. 3).

Some even suspect that leaders of the US and China might have had some kind of an agreement to control the mounting tensions on the Korean peninsula, which might have come as an unbearable pressure on Chairman Kim Jong, eventually making him to accept the South Korean terms.
However, the true cause of North Korea’s expression of regret over land mine case is due to the South Korean people’s ‘indifference’ to the North Korean military intimidations with a firm trust in President Park Geun-hye and the government in her handling of North Korea.

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