Argentina hosts ‘La Nina Argentina’ exhibition at Embassy
Argentina hosts ‘La Nina Argentina’ exhibition at Embassy
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Ambassador Jorge Roballo of the Argentine Republic in Seoul hosted an exhibition of art works by noted Argentine Contemporary Artist Ms. Nora Iniesta entitled “La Nina Argentina” at the Embassy of Argentina in Itaewon, Seoul on Sept. 7, 2015.

The opening was attended by many distinguished guests from Korean society and diplomatic community, including ambassadors and other senior diplomats.
They included Ambassadors Tito Saul Pinilla Pinilla of Colombia, Grecia Fiodalicia Pichardo of Dominican Republic, Oscar Gustavo Herrera Gilbert of Ecuador, Gonzalo Ortiz Diaz-Tortosa of Spain, Yadira Hidalgo de Ortiz of Venezuela (charge d’affaires) and Jario Lopez of Costa Rica (charge d’affaires).
From the Korean society came Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post with Korean-language editor Ms. Linda Yoon, and President Byung-kil Han of the International Exchange Promotion Association.
Reflected in many of the exhibits was the light blue color which represented Argentina as well as the artist’s love for her country.
Her subject lies in the visual representation of iconography always tied to one place of belonging - the motherland. Here are excerpts from her introduction of the works:
The memories acquired during childhood, school events, national heroes, argentine history, flags, white coats, written language, will remain forever in her memory. All those images will be the reason of the use of paper collage as a technique in her works.

Artist Ms. Iniesta expresses herself through simple materials. Everyday items are used and revalued in her works continuously. Linked to graphic design, passionate about objects, interested in fashion and delighted about communication, she intervenes urban, commercial and domestic spaces with her works.
She had solo and group exhibitions in Argentina and abroad and also has participated in Biennales, having received through her career prestigious art awards worldwide.

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