Mouth-watering Dhakai Kacchi Biryani of Bangladesh to debut at Namyangju Fest
Mouth-watering Dhakai Kacchi Biryani of Bangladesh to debut at Namyangju Fest
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Here is the recipe for the interested persons

The spouses of eight ambassadors accredited to the Republic of Korea are showcasing the traditional culinary wonders of their country at a Special VIP Culinary Art Demonstration Program at the 2015 Namyangju Slow Life (Food) Festival on Oct. 8-17, 2015.

An estimated half million Korean and international guests are expected to visit the Festival and, of them, a selected total of 150 persons have the luck to see how such foods are made through a demonstration carried out by the spouses of the ambassadors. And, of course, they will also have the luck to personally sample and enjoy the representative traditional delicacies of these countries.

One of them is Dhakai Kacchi Biryani of Bangladesh. Here are the photos of Khakai Kacchi Biryani and the recipe which may be useful for those who wish to try their hand in making the Bangladesh delicacy by themselves:

▲Dhakai Kacchi Biryani of Bangladesh

Dhakai Kacchi Biryani of Bangladesh


A. For the biryani masala:

Coriander seeds - 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds - 2 tbsp
Green/Dry red chillies - 10-12 pieces ( adjust according to taste)
Nutmeg ( Jaiphal) - 1 piece
Mace (Javitri) ? 1 tsp
Cardamom ? 6-7 pieces
Cinnamon - 5 small sticks
Cloves ? 10-12 pices

B. Other ingredients required:

Basmati Rice - 4 cups
Mutton - 1 kg ( good quality and fresh. Can use boneless cubes too )

Onion slices ? 2cup (fry till golden brown in refined oil or ghee) Also ensure that you keep the leftover oil or ghee.
Yogurt - 2 cup
Garlic paste - 2tbsp
Ginger paste - 2 tbsp
Potatoes - 4 medium sized (parboiled and fried till light brown in colour)
Salt - for marinating the mutton and while boiling the rice.
Oil/ghee (preferably ghee)- 1cup
Raisin- ½ cup
Nuts- Cashew nut (Roasted) and Almond (paste)
Saffron- a pinch (soaked in milk and mix it with Almond paste)
Alubukhara (Dried Plum/Prune)-1/2 cup

Atta dough (optional)- a small ball of dough made of wheat required for sealing the pan in which the biryani will be cooked.



Dry roast all the ingredients listed under 'Biryani Masala'
and grind into a fine powder. (Please be careful not to
burn the spices).


Marinatethe mutton with 2 tbsp salt
and keep aside for half an hour. Then wash the
muttonagain. Now add the yogurt, ginger paste,
garlic paste,bay leaf, onion slices, oil/ghee and
the biryani masala. Mix it very well and gently too.
Cover this mixture and let it marinate overnight.
(You cancookthis marinated mutton or can keep it raw).


Takebasmati rice. Wash it under running water,
drain and keep aside. In a big saucepan add water.
Once the water starts to boil add salt
and few whole cardamom, cloves and
cinnamon. Next add the rice and let it boil till
the rice is almost half done.Strain the rice and
spread it out on a flat surface.

Take a saucepan/cooking pot (make sure it has a
proper lid) and brush it with a little ghee.We will
makesome layer. First rice,then the mutton
(eitherraw marinated mutton or cooked mutton),
fried potatoes, nuts, raisin, alubukhara, fried onion and
sprinkle the saffron mix for color and aroma. In the next
layer, again rice, then mutton and the other ingredients.
Make few layers using the same process. Close the lid

tightly and seal it with the dough.

Place this over a thick hot tawa (a cooking implement),
set the flame to medium such that the flame reaches all
over the diameter of the cooking pot as we see in the
picture. (If raw mutton is used, this has to be put on heat
forat least an hour, while for cooked mutton,
10-15 minutes is enough).Garnish the Biriyaniand
serve it hot. Yam! Yam!

Exhibition of traditional tableware and cooking utensil:

In addition to the VIP cooking demonstration, the Organizing Committe of the Festival also has an exhibition program of the traditional tableware items and cooking utensil throughout the 10-day duration of the Festival.

This exhibition is expected to greatly help the exhibiting country introduce its food- and cooking-related culture to the people in Korea and around the world.

(The countries interested in exhibiting their tableware and cooking utensil may contact The Korea Post at or or call the Event Team at Tel 2298-1740/2, 1745/6 or fax 2298-9506.)

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