Tajikistan plans a business forum with business representatives from two countries
Tajikistan plans a business forum with business representatives from two countries
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Interview with CDA Kiromov Salohiddin of Tajikistan in Seoul

The following are details of an interview with Charge d’Affaires Kiromov Salohiddin of Tajikistan in Seoul on the occasion of the New Year’s Day in 2016.?Ed.

Outlook of increased trade and economic cooperation between your country and Korea in the New Year: At present, the economic and trade cooperation are at the stage of gradual development. In the development of economic cooperation we consider organizing a business forum with participation of representatives of private and public institutions of the two countries.

To date, the Republic of Tajikistan registered 16 joint ventures that secure the status of Korean companies as reliable and promising partners.

We are interested in a more active participation of Korean businesses and the private sector in the economy of Tajikistan and ready to offer them a package of mutually beneficial projects, including participation on favorable terms in 4 free economic zones.

The New Year Message of the Head of Government of your country: On the occasion of New Year, I congratulate the whole glorious people of Tajikistan and all overseas compatriots, and I wish every inhabitant of our motherland health, happiness, good life and new successes.

In the past year, despite the complications and sensitivity of the situation on the planet and the negative impact of the global financial crisis, thanks to the lasting peace and stability, strong will and aspirations of our people, honesty and generosity of the sons of our beloved country, we have achieved a number of significant results.

I am convinced that the New Year 2016 will leave significant trace on the further strengthening of the foundations of the state independence, nationhood, unity and social stability, as well as in the improvement of our country.

Major events of the Republic of Tajikistan in the New Year:
In the new year, in the socio-political life of Tajikistan not only begins the implementation cycle of important government programs, but also some very important political and cultural events, including the 25th Anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan that will open a new page in the history of the state of our nation.

Any plan of your economic (and/or other) delegation scheduled or expected to visit Korea this year?
We expect a fruitful year in the path of strengthening the friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries, which includes exchange of delegation at various levels.

What is the New Year Plan of your Excellency?
To do the utmost best in contributing to strengthening of multifaceted cooperation with the Republic of Korea

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