Insanga to build bamboo salt-based anti-aging agro-industrial complex
Insanga to build bamboo salt-based anti-aging agro-industrial complex
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Insanga Co., a leading bamboo salt manufacturer in Korea, agreed with the Gyeongsangnam-do and Hamyang County governments to establish a bamboo salt-based anti-aging agro-industrial complex for promoting anti-aging industry. On November 30, 2015, Chairman Kim Yun-se of Insanga concluded an agreement with Governor Hong Joon-pyo of Gyeongsangnam-do Province and Mayor Lim Chang-ho of Hamyang County for building a bamboo salt-based anti-aging agro-industrial complex in a space of 300,000 square meters in Hamyang County. Under the agreement, Insanga will invest a total of 50 billion won (approx. US$41.6 million) in the anti-aging product complex by 2022.

As a comprehensive sixth industry complex that comprises production, processing and sale of industrial crops, the complex will consist of bamboo salt manufacturing facilities, agricultural products processing facilities, recuperation experience facilities, and cultural and tourism facilities. These facilities will be used for processing, manufacturing and selling products while providing tourists with chances of experiencing these processes.

At the agreement signing ceremony, Governor Hong Joon-pyo of Gyeongsangnam-do Province stated, “We expect that the comprehensive complex will help anti-aging industry grow as a new growth engine for flourishing the regional economy in the western part of Gyeongsangnam-do Province.” “When the comprehensive agro-industrial complex is completed, Hamyang County will position itself as the Mecca of anti-aging industry by producing a variety of anti-aging products based on bamboo salt and other agricultural products, contributing to creating quality jobs and enhancing awareness of the County,” said Mayor Lim Chang-ho of Hamyang County. And Chairman Kim Yun-se of Insanga noted, “We are excited to build the comprehensive complex following intention of the late Dr. Kim Il-hun, the master of bamboo salt. With keen interest and support of the Gyeongsangnam-do Province and Hamyang County provincial governments, we are committed to successfully fulfilling the agreement and promoting anti-aging industry in this region.”

Established in August 1987 as the world’s first commercial bamboo salt manufacturer, Insanga Co. Ltd. (formerly Insanga Food) has been achieving rapid growth and was listed on the Korea New Exchange (KONEX) in December 2015 in 28 years of its establishment. The KONEX is the third securities market in Korea founded in 2013. Insanga was officially recognized as a member of the KONEX by receiving a membership certificate. After receiving the certificate, Chairman Kim Yun-se said, “The company has been leading the bamboo salt industry by developing, producing and selling over 180 different products, such as bamboo salt, fermented soy products, extracts and pilules. And it is exporting these products to other countries as they obtained the Halal certification. We will grow the company into a global one by listing on the KOSDAQ. The par value of Insanga’s stock was 500 won (approx. US$0.41) and its price was closed at 4,600 won (approx. US$3.83) on the listing day.

Insanga is producing a dozen major bamboo salt products including the Purple Bamboo Salt Solid Type and Powder Type, Original Insan Bamboo Salt, Insan Inhae, Premium Alkali Bamboo Salt, Everyday Living Bamboo Salt, Multi-purpose Bamboo Salt and Insan Water Bamboo Salt. Purple Bamboo Salts (both solid and powder types) are manufactured by roasting salt for 9 times at the temperature of 1,600℃. These salt shave egg yolk flavor and sweeter than Original Insan Bamboo Salt. Roasted salt for 9 times at high temperature, Original Insan Bamboo Salt contains mineral elements such calcium, iron, copper, zinc, germanium, selenium and magnesium. Insan Inhae is a tablet made of Original Insan Bamboo Salt. Premium Alkali Bamboo Salt, Everyday Living Bamboo Salt and Multi-purpose Bamboo Salt are made by roasting salt for 3 times in a specially designed furnace fired with pine tree firewood.

Having concentrated efforts on research and development, Insanga also developed Garlic-Bamboo Salt and Traditional Bamboo Salt Pastes, which are proved to be effective for treating cancers. These products are known to be safe according a study conducted in 1995 by Dana-Farber Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School. They are also verified to be effective and safe for treating cancers through other studies. In recognition of excellent quality and efficacies of its bamboo salt products, the company received a number of awards and certifications. And it obtained three patents from the Korean Intellectual Property Office for its advanced technologies.

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