Nepal hosts investment seminar for Korea's particiation in her economic development
Nepal hosts investment seminar for Korea's particiation in her economic development
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The Embassy of Nepal plans to host a one-day investment seminar in Seoul on March 2, 2016 on the theme of 'Post-disaster Situation in Nepal and Investment in the Sector of Water Resources Management" for the participation of Korean companies in the rehabiliation and economic development of Nepal.
Since its establishment in 2007, the Embassy of Nepal in Seoul has been carrying out various activities to enhance the relations between Nepal and the Republic of Korea at the government as well as business and people levels.

Situated between the two large and vibrant economies of Asia ? China and India - Nepal is a himalayan country with the third largest deposit of ice and snow in the world after Antarctica and the Arctic. The himalayan range encompasses about 15,000 glaciers, which store about 12,000 cubic km (3,000 cubic miles) of fresh water and Nepal treasures the greatest storage of it.
Being the world's second richest country in inland water resources with more than 6000 rivers, rivulets and tributaries, Nepal holds immense potentialities of achieving its economic growth and development through the proper use and management of water resources which could even contribute to the development in the region.
Investment in water resources management thus, is the most appropriate way Nepal could initiate to open its avenues for sustainable socio-economic progress and usher the development of energy, health, education, agriculture, tourism, trade, transportation, industry and infrastructure sectors.
As a Least Developed Country (LDC) aspiring to upgrade herself to the category of developing nation by 2022, Nepal desperately needs to enhance its physical and human infrastructures and attain high economic growth. The Government of Nepal has been doing its best to create a conducive investment climate in Nepal through continuous improvement in its investment policy, legal and tax structure and financing and incentive options.
Unfortunately, Nepal was hit by massive earthquakes this year causing destruction of settlements, cultural heritages and some infrastructures, mostly in the hard-hit districts. There are, however misinterpretations and rumours that the whole of Nepal has been severely affected with complete damage of its investment infrastructures. Only some historical archaeological sites in the capital and around have been damaged but the geological condition so far is as intact and robust as ever for any structural constructions.
It is on this backdrop that the Embassy of Nepal in Seoul is organizing a one-day seminar to disseminate the actual information of Nepal's on-going situation, potentialities of foreign investment in water resources management and the plans and policies of the Nepalese Government in the sector. The seminar aims to depict a perfect picture on the most viable area of investment in Nepal and the ways and means to do so.
The major objectives of the seminar include:
- Explore the benefits of investing in water resources management in Nepal as water management is the backbone of Nepal's socio-economic development.
- Achieve a sustainable socio-economic growth in Nepal through proper water resources management.
- Attract more FDI from Korea in projects related to water resources management of Nepal creating a win-win situation and for mutual benefits and cooperation.

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