Kunyoung infuses expertise of 5 decades with outstanding capabilities, knowledge
Kunyoung infuses expertise of 5 decades with outstanding capabilities, knowledge
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A conglomerage with presence in Vietnam, the UAE, Sri Lanka

The following article was contributed by Kunyoung Engineering and Construction for publication on the occsion of the 68th anniversary of Independence of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on Feb. 4, 2016.?Ed.

KUNYOUNG Engineering and Construction infuses expertise of nearly five decades since its inception in 1967, possessing an impressive repository of outstanding construction capabilities and knowledge. The name KUNYOUNG denotes, ‘The glory of construction’ and today comprises a conglomerate with presence in Vietnam, the UAE and now Sri Lanka. Business areas range from general construction to real estate development, property management and development and F&B.

In the 2000’s, KUNYOUNG was affiliated to the LIG Group and the company name was changed to LIG Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
In April 2015, after the successful M&A process, the Chairman, Hyung Soo Lee, was inaugurated and the name KUNYOUNG (meaning: the Glory of Construction) was brought back to life.
The KUNYOUNG Group consists of global family companies covering a full range of services, which can influence the full lifespan of the real estate from the development stage to the lifestyles of tenants and end-users.
In January 2016, with a promise to be a significant contributor towards Sri Lanka’s infrastructure development, leading Korean construction and real estate company KUNYOUNG Engineering & Construction entered Sri Lanka’s engineering and construction space, launching KUNYOUNG Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd.
At the launch ceremony held in Cinnamon Grand in Colombo at which South Korean Ambassador Wonsam Jang was also present, Chairman Lee also says he observes striking similarities between the current development status of Sri Lanka after the civil war and the rapid development of South Korea in the 1970s. The inspiring slogan of ‘Building a smart and green Sri Lanka’ adds to South Korea’s renowned smart technology and its firm determination of being eco-friendly. Chairman Lee said, “KUNYOUNG aims to become a strong supporting truss for Sri Lanka’s ambitious national development plans including the megapolis, western development and the Colombo Port City, using our exceptional abilities and specialization in civil works and housing.”

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