People’s Party President Ahn Cheol-soo tops with W163 billion
People’s Party President Ahn Cheol-soo tops with W163 billion
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Who’s the richest politician in Korea?

Who is the wealthiest National Assembly member in Korea? The wealthiest lawmaker in Korea is Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo of the People’s Party with properties valued at a total of some 162.9 billion won, which represented an increase of abpit 84.17 billion won. This was disclosed by the National Assembly Ethics Committee on High-ranking Public Servants on March 25, 2016 as a result of a survey conducted on the financial status of the high-ranking officials of the state. The cause of the double-digit increase was due to the rise of the stock price which he had in the Ahn Lab, where he is the biggest shareholder. The price has risen by more than two folds compared with the preceding year.

The next richest National Assembly member of last year was Rep. Kim Se-yeon of the ruling Saenuri Party from Busan who posted W155.1 billion. He was the richest lawmaker last year but yielded the position to Ahn this year.
In sharp contrast with Reps. Ahn and Kim, National Assemblywoman Jin Sun-mee of the Minujoo Party reported a debt of some 18 million won ‘winning’ the title of the poorest lawmaker of Korea.

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