Poland’s Lodz City mayor meets with ranking Korean officials
Poland’s Lodz City mayor meets with ranking Korean officials
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‘Reinvention of City’ chosen as main theme of EXPO 2022

Mayor Hanna Zdanowska of the Lodz City of Poland and her city delegation visited Korea on April 26-30, 2016. It was for the promotion of candidature to host EXPO 2022 and promotion of the city’s economic potential.
The schedule included her meetings with representatives of Korean administration. As a part of enhancing Polish-Korean region-to-region contacts, a Letter of Intent on cooperation between Daegu and Ł?d? was signed on 29th of April.

The “reinvention of the city” has been chosen as the main theme of EXPO 2022 in Łod?. After II World War, decades of communism and total collapse of textile monoculture, which had dominated economic landscape of the city since XIX century, Ł?d? has struggled for years with its stereotypes and socio-economic problems. Thankful to huge restoration program for tenants and amazing transformation of factories into the centers of leisure and offices the city has recently become a model of revitalization in its part of Europe. And with its plans to host EXPO in 2022, Łod? invites the whole world to the discussion on how to make metropolises smart and comfortable place of living.
To promote and seek Korean support for city’s candidature, Mayor Hanna Zdanowska, together with Ambassador Krzysztof Majka, met with ranking officials of the Republic of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Deputy Minister Lee Tae-ho and Ambassador Choi Jae-chul as well as some important Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy senior officials.
?Ł?d? as a city of investments, education and revitalization”
On 28th of April, Embassy of the Republic of Poland together with Trade and Investment Promotion Section organized a business seminar entitled “Ł?d? as a city of investments, education and revitalization.”
The event will give Ł?d? city officials opportunity to present to the Korean audience, and to Korean business representatives in particular, city’s economic potential including investment opportunities and its role as a logistic and transportation hub in the heart of Europe. A fine example of the latter is the direct railway connection between Ł?d? and Chengdu in China, which has been in operation since 2013.

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