Hyundai Motor unveils concept model of Chinese-version of ‘Verna’ at 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition
Hyundai Motor unveils concept model of Chinese-version of ‘Verna’ at 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition
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Hyundai Motor, a world- leading automobile manufacturer, debuted on April 25, 2016 the concept model of ‘Yuena’, the Chinese version of ‘Verna’, at the 14th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition held at the New China International Exhibition Center.
The concept model of ‘Yuena’ is an urban-type sedan targeting young consumers in ages of 20s and 30s. The new sedan is distinctly improved in riding quality in line with road conditions in China. And it features refined design and wider inside space as well as much safer and convenient specification. The appearance of the new concept car presents dynamic and sophisticated premium image with massing and bold design.

Taking account of customers in China, its length and wheelbase are extended, and it provides excellent power and driving performance by installing 1.4/1.6-liter D-CVVT engine, and 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions. “Beijing Hyundai Motor ranked first among general brands in quality survey of new vehicles in China conducted by JD Power last year, and it produced the largest number of top brands since the outset of such survey in China,” said Lee Byeong-ho, Chief Executive Officer of Beijing Hyundai Motor, a joint venture of Hyundai Motor and a Chinese company, at the motor show. “Ceaseless new challenges by Hyundai Motor achieved these results, and we will present innovative transportation means and new life style based on our unique future-oriented mobility philosophy.”

Hyundai Motor Launches ‘Avante Sport’

Hyundai Motor, a world-leading automobile manufacturer, announced on April 28, 2016 the launch of its new ‘Avante Sport’ that features running performance more powerful than existing medium-size vehicles by installing a high-power turbo engine with more sporty and dynamic design.
The ‘Avante Sport’ is optimized for high-speed driving by featuring powerful power performance through combination of 1.6 turbo engine and 7-speed double clutch transmission (DCT), rear wheel multi-link suspension and 18-inch tires. It also features differentiated marketability with unique design and diverse specifications preferred by young consumers. With launch of the new ‘Avante Sport’, Hyundai Motor has now 5 different models in its Avante lineup.

Installed with a gamma 1.6 turbo GDi engine with maximum output of 204 horse power, maximum torque of 27.0kgf.m and combined fuel efficiency of 12.0km/ℓ, the new ‘Avante Sport’ delivers overwhelming power performance superior to vehicles in the same class and other medium-size models. It is also equipped with a 7-speed DCT that delivers fast and nimble speed-change response for more dynamic running performance.
In addition, it is added with rear wheel multi-link suspension, 18-inch alloy wheels and tires, and large capacity front wheel disk brake as well as improved steering response by increasing gear ratio of motor driven power steering (MDPS) and sporty engine and exhaust sound by tuning muffler.

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