Hyundai Steel hosts themed tour program for disabled teenagers
Hyundai Steel hosts themed tour program for disabled teenagers
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Hyundai Steel, the first and a leading steel manufacturer in Korea, hosted the ‘H-Together We Are One,’ a themed tour program for 3 days from July 24 to July 26 for 30 disabled students and an equal number of children of its executive members and employees in Jeju Province.

The tour program provided disabled students and children of Hyundai Steel’s executives and employees with chances of supplementing deficiencies of each other and expanding range of mutual understanding.
In the voluntary service program that has been jointly hosted by the steel manufacturer and Korea Differently Abled Federation since last year, all participants spent valuable time of experiencing the value of cooperation by carrying out missions of driving rail bikes and hiking the Ilchulbong Tuff Cone by forming two-person teams with one disabled student and a child of Hyundai Steel’s employees. They also shared chances of removing prejudices to disability by playing games of completing sentences on ‘correct understanding of disability’.
The tour program was also taken part by members of the ‘Happy Yes’, a volunteer group of college students in the company to play the role of mentors for teen-aged participants. A teen ager said, “I had no chance of associating with disabled fiends in my ordinary life, and I could become intimate with these friends while I was carrying out various missions with them in the ‘H-Together We are One’ program.”
“The program is designed to provide teenagers who are in the process of establishing sense of value with experiences of understanding diversity of others,” said a manager at Hyundai Steel.
Under the policy of generating social shared value based on its corporate vision of ‘creating the value beyond steel’, Hyundai Steel has been conducting a variety of corporate social responsibility activities including programs of supporting less privileged people. Besides the tour program for disabled teenagers, volunteer groups of the company consisted of executive members and employees conducted voluntary activities at a welfare center for disabled children in Seoul, offering foods to children, washing their clothes and cleaning facilities. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year’s Day and Korean Thanksgiving Day, volunteer groups in Seoul, Incheon, Pohang, Dangjin, Suncheon and Ulsan, where the company is operating steel mills and offices, have been sharing love and distributing gift sets of daily necessities to less privileged families every year. They donated such gift sets to over 25,000 households thus far.
With steel plants in 6 cities, including Incheon, Pohang, Dangjin, Suncheon, Ulsan and Yesan, Hyundai Steel produces a total of 24 million tons of quality steel products, such as hot and cold rolled steel sheets, thick steel plates, steel pipes and H-beam steels, used for automobiles, shipbuilding and construction. Among them, it is striving to develop high quality materials for automotive components by adopting advanced tailor welded blanks (TWB), hydroforming and hot stamping technologies to help automotive manufacturers produce lighter and safer vehicles.

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