Social area of economic policy allows Turkmenistan successfully to go toward the reformation
Social area of economic policy allows Turkmenistan successfully to go toward the reformation
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Summing up the socio-economic development of the country for the first half of the year, President of Turkmenistan informs that for the past year it is made next firm steps in conducting extremely important reforms. Thanks to thoughtful actions of the government, the sufficient internal and external reserves allow preserving high pace of growth of GDP and good indicators of all sectors of economy.

It has become possible thanks to successful implementation of the internal policy of the head of the state, aimed at creation of development of social orientation of a mixed type market economy.

To conduct respective reforms in economic management allow significantly accelerate the role of state capital and for the next years implement with profits the major financial plan of the country to underline the correctness of implemented course.

A good example is the social areas of economic policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov allowing our state successfully step forward toward evolutionary routs of transformations, to achieve increase of living standards of Turkmenistan citizens. For the past six months of this year it was allocated 78,7 percent of budget means to the development of social spheres.

In the past years large investments are given in industrial and social spheres which reflect the accelerated dynamics of entering Turkmenistan in the number of developed states of the world. Thus, it is both technological development of economy and growth of well being of the people.

In general, development of the sectors of national economy of the country is inextricably linked with the implementation of large-scale social programs aimed at improving the level and quality of life by providing employment of population thanks to modernization of existing and creation of new production. In capital and regions, each year are put into operation plants and factories, dozens of social facilities - schools, kindergartens, and medical institutions. Over the last 6 months of the year was put into operation 59 objects that contribute to the creation of more than 1,227 additional jobs.

A special focus in implementation of social policy is made on provision of a wide rage support to Turkmenistan citizens in reformation of modern and comfortable housing. These issues are always in the central focus of the Turkmen leader. Today, residential housing constructions in our country have taken unprecedented scales. Upon completion of the first half 2016 years it is completed 713 thousands square meters of residential housing.

Upon construction of housing it is taken into consideration all needed social and living infrastructure- shops, trading pavilions, children and sports playgrounds. Taking into consideration the income growth and well being of Turkmen citizens, as well as measures taken for its financial support in the new historical epoch, significant parts of the population have opportunities to purchase apartments built in the city residential housing of high comforts. With the aim to improvement of providing people with housing with the first contribution of 10 percent it is given mortgage credit for the period of 30 years for one percent per year. It is preserved the grace period up to 5 years in the period of which it is paid interest for credit, but not the main debt for credits.

Local construction organizations are built residential homes on the allocated plots of lands for one’s own account and for the account of received in the authorized banks of the country the interest-free credits. Real estate credit is presented for 30 years for 1 percent in a year. Grace period consists of 5 years.

A vivid example of the successful resolving of housing problems is and continuing privatization of housing places of the government housing stock. Implemented in this direction works aimed at further improvement of provision of citizens with individual housings.

It is aimed to underline one more time on several key aspects of social policy. As stated the world practice, in modern economic people resources play defined role in achieving competing advantages and ensuring quality parameters of economic growth. That is why, as states above, significant parts of investments to our country aimed at development of human capital, i.e. to scientific educational and cultural spheres and health care.

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