'Regardless of the reason, I am very sorry for causing concerns, shock and pain to the people?
'Regardless of the reason, I am very sorry for causing concerns, shock and pain to the people?
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Apology of President Park Geun-hye

President Park Geun-hye made an apology on Oct. 25, 2016 concerning the leaking of confidential documents including key Presidential speeches to Mrs. Choi Soon-sil. Excerpts from her apology follow:

Since the last National Assembly elections, Mrs. Choi has offered me her opinion on how my election speeches or campaigns were received by the people.
Even after taking office, I have sometimes received her help on some documents but stopped doing so.

I listened to Mrs. Choi's opinion only out of my pure intention to have a thorough grasp of my speeches.
Regardless of the reason, I am sorry for causing concerns, shock and pain to the people.

Mrs. Choi advised me on expressions in my speeches and public relations during the last Presidential campaign, and she continued to help me for a certain period of time after I took office.
However, it stopped after the Presidential Office completed relevant systems.
Regardless of what the reason may be, I am sorry that the scandal has caused national concern and I humbly apologize to the people.

As you all may be aware, a candidate listens to opinions of various people during a campaign. Mrs. Choi helped me when I was having a difficult time in the past, and based on that relationship, she played a role of giving her personal opinion on how my campaign, particularly speeches and promotional efforts, were being perceived by the public. I also sought her help to decide on expressions when creating some speeches and campaign materials.

After my inauguration as the President of the Republic of Korea, I continued to listen to her opinions on some issues for some time, but stopped after the Cheong Wa Dae advisory system was completed.
I did so with an innocent intention to be meticulous, but I am truly sorry for troubling, shocking and hurting the people, no matter what my reason was. I offer a deep apology.

President Park Geun-hye makes a deep bow before presenting an apology.

President Park, with tears in her eyes, makes a sincere apology to the nation for the mistakes made by Mrs. Choi Sun-sil and other associates around her.
Many Koreans in Seoul believe that the situation this time is very seriouls.

President Park shows a sad-stricken appearance bowing to the nation at Cheong Wa Dae before making her apology.

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