Celebrating the 72nd anniversary of independence, Myanmar "will make more efforts to develop the Democratic Union."
Celebrating the 72nd anniversary of independence, Myanmar "will make more efforts to develop the Democratic Union."
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Cake cutting ceremony of Myanmar and Korea
Cake cutting ceremony of Myanmar and Korea


The Lotte Hotel, located in Sogong-dong, Seoul, hosted by the Myanmar Embassy Udan Shin in Seoul on Tuesday( January 9th) to celebrate its independence(74 years have passed since Myanmar gained independence from Britain in 1948).

"Myanmar, which had existed as an independent and sovereign country throughout its history, lost its independence in November 1885 and was under colonial rule for decades. Together with patriotic leaders, all peoples sacrificed their lives with determination and diligence under the leadership of General Aung San Suu Kyi, the father of the country's advisory director, to regain independence," said Udan Shin.

"In recent years, high-level political interrelations have increased. High-level political exchanges, Moon Jae-in last September, the president visited Myanmar ", " trade, investment during a state visit, and five critical to the financial sector. Myanmar signed a memorandum of understanding and Korea desk in one basic agreement signed. During our state visit, we also launched the Korea-Myanmar Industrial Complex project, which is worth $110 million north of Yangon," he explained.

He also said that the launch of another direct flight by Myanmar's International Aviation Organization last month is another milestone in promoting bilateral exchanges. "We congratulate the Korean government, which successfully held the special Korea-ASEAN summit, and pledge to strengthen bilateral ties and cooperation between the two countries in the future for the mutual benefit of the two peoples."

"At the end of November last year, our national advisor Aung San Suu Kyi visited Korea to attend the 30th Korea-ASEAN Special Summit and the first-year Korea-Mekong Special Summit," Vice Foreign Minister Kim Gunn said in a reply to the Myanmar National Day event.

"Myanmar has been the center of a brilliant Buddhist civilization since the Bagan dynasty," Kim said. People from all over the world are visiting Myanmar because they are fascinated by its beautiful cultural heritage and the warmth of its people," he said, adding, "The same is true for South Korea, with the number of South Koreans visiting Myanmar expected to exceed 100,000 for the first time in 2019. With Myanmar's ancient city of Bagan listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the number of visitors to Myanmar is expected to increase further in the coming years.


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