Pianist Hyunjung Gloria Kim, Beethoven's Sonata solo recital
Pianist Hyunjung Gloria Kim, Beethoven's Sonata solo recital
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It will be held at Lotte Concert Hall on Oct. 4

Pianist Hyunjung Gloria Kim will hold a recital at 5 p.m. on Oct. 4 (Sunday) at 5 p.m.

"I'm letting people know through performances and albums about the classic ‘Must Listen’ series that they should listen to before they die, and I've prepared Beethoven's episode this time."

She, who is also a music critic, will prepare a concert to show and play episodes of Beethoven's life's joys and sorrows through commentary and video performances to mark the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth.
Pianist Hyunjung Gloria Kim, who impressed the audience with the sold-out recital of "Chopin in the Movie" at the Seoul Arts Center, presents self-portrait-like sonatas that resemble Beethoven's early-middle-late life with the subtitle "Finding Immortal Beloved, For Elise" in the upcoming performance" Beethoven in the Movie." In particular, Beethoven's masterpieces will be presented, inspired by the movie" Immortal Beloved" (1994, directed by Bernard Rose). 

Pianist Hyunjung Gloria Kim graduated from Ewha Womans University and Ewha Women's Graduate School with a prize in the Seonhwa Concours, exempting entrance examinations. Then, she graduated from Indiana in the United States and a top performer course. In addition, she plays as the winner of the Carnegie Hall Competition in the U.S. and the active pianist at the Vienna Mozart House invited to the Carnegie Hall Grand Theater (Isaac Stern hole), and the Canadian Chopin Association's Women's Shelter Win House.
Since then, she has produced many planned performances, including "Fall in Love with Chopin," JJ PIANO DUO, and "World Travel with the Classic," invited by the Seoul Arts Center. The album has released two full-length albums of classic Must-Listen 1 album (with nine songs) and JJ PIANO DUO (Pianist Hyunjung Gloria Kim & Yoo Si-yeon), and a single duo album with her student Han Ga-young.
She is an invited professor at the Summer Master Class at Vienna Music University, an invited professor at Yakutsk Festival in Russia, a graduate school of culture and arts at Myongji University, an adjunct professor at Seoul Presbyterian University's Theological University, an adjunct professor at KukJe International colleage of Arts School, and a monthly review critic and music columnist.

"Even today, hundreds of years later, Beethoven's music remains a deep emotion in our hearts."
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) always wrote letters. Who was Beethoven's immortal beloved? These letters are full of mystery all over the place where the payee is unclear... After Beethoven's death, three letters came out of his belongings. "My angel, my everything, my true self … Let's find out the existence of ".
What kind of woman did he think while writing the song? In addition to "For Elise," which is familiar to anyone, you can see hidden stories with the immortal lovers given to Beethoven's sonatas, including "Moonlight," "Bichang," "Tempest," "Waldstein," and finally "Piano Sonata No. 32." In particular, the piano sonata seems to contain Beethoven's hopeful message to mankind and his diary. It contains a message of overcoming the crisis as if it were in a crisis.

Beethoven's hearing loss, which began in his 30s, was like a divine punishment for him, whose music was everything in his life. The sudden loss of hearing and suicide note written in Hailegenstadt, Austria, show that he is a composer who overcame his fate beyond suffering.

The despair faced by losing hearing, the joy felt by enduring pain through creation, the sadness of not being with a beloved lover, the relief barely gained through nature...In this concert, we will listen to Beethoven's joys, sorrows and destiny through sonatas.

For more information about the performance, you can book it on the website of <Monthly Review > Lium Art & Company or Lotte Concert Hall Interpark.

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