Amorepacific ‘Sulhwasoo’ makes a successful entry into India
Amorepacific ‘Sulhwasoo’ makes a successful entry into India
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India is expected to soar to the world's fifth-largest cosmetics market in 2025

By Senior editorial writer Kim Hyung-dae (president)

Amorepacific Group entered India with its representative cosmetics brand "Sulwhasoo” in July 2020. Amorepacific introduced its flagship Sulwhasoo products through its online channel called 'Nykaa', which is the No. 1 beauty distributor in India. Sulwhasoo’s mainstay First Care Activating Serum and other signature products such as Concentrated Ginseng Renewing line and Essential line have become available through the online channel of Nykaa in India.



Offline shops opened in major cities of India – Delhi and Mumbai in the second half of last year, a rare move for a global beauty brand to target omni-channel retailing in India.
India is the world’s second populous country with greater potential consumers for luxury beauty products. About $14.8 billion worth of cosmetics were sold last year in India, the seventh largest in the world, and the volume is estimated to increase to the global No. 5 by 2025, according to Euromonitor.
Amorepacific is targeting Indian consumers who have a growing interest in healthier skincare routines with products based on natural ingredients. 
Sulwhasoo with more than 50 years of study on the Korean Ginseng and traditional herbs with women’s skin of all age groups will introduce own beauty solutions to local customers, a company official said.
As part of marketing efforts, Sulwhasoo started communication with Indian beauty influencers to better appeal to the millennials there.


AMOREPACIFIC headquarters building
AMOREPACIFIC headquarters building

Amorepacific advanced into the Indian market with the launch of budget brand Innisfree in 2013. It then launched Laneige in 2018 and Etude in 2019. Riding on popularity of natural ingredients-based skincare products, Innisfree now runs a total of 22 outlets across the country.
Amorepacific Group launched Etude House in India in May 2019 through beauty retailer Nykaa - its third brand to hit the market in the country after Innisfree and Laneige “Sulwhasoo makes you to believe that the beauty does not deteriorate over time, instead it evolves. To encourage women be confident with healthy glow at every milestone in life, Sulwhasoo Heritage and Science Centre conducted research over 50 years on not only the Korean Ginseng, but also all 3,912 complex of traditional herbs recorded in ancient Asian medical texts, with in-depth research on women’s skin of all ages. Sulwhasoo awake your radiance that is from confidence with healthy glow, by infusing wisdom with modern science,” the official said.



Amorepacific Group established its 2020 Sustainability Commitments, reflecting the Group’s promise to the environment and society and commitment to actively contribute to building a more beautiful future.
To achieve the Sustainability Commitments, Amorepacific Group seeks to implement various programs centered around the three pillars and eight goals by 2020 to help stakeholders lead ‘sustainable lifestyle’ in their everyday lives, to achieve ‘inclusive growth’ with social and economic communities, and to contribute to building a ‘circular economy’ for future generations.
Amorepacific runs a variety of CSR activities to fulfill its social responsibility as a global corporate citizen. “Our aspiration of building a more beautiful world is not simply a hope, but a promise and commitment to our customers and society. Amorepacific is dedicated to building a more beautiful world through its continued CSR activities in the areas of women, natural ecosystem and nurturing culture,” said the official.
The official continued to say, “Amorepacific believes the quality to satisfy our customers from the customers’ point of view is important beyond the functional quality of our products. With the pride that we place our utmost priority on customer safety, Amorepacific is committed to making various effort to provide the best products our customers feel safe to use.”
Amorepacific joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in November 2007. “To fulfill our roles and responsibilities as corporate citizen, we support and make every effort to fully incorporate the 10 principles of the UNGC regarding human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption,” he added.

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