The 9th Awards Ceremony for Artists and Cultural Persons Who Brightened Korea
The 9th Awards Ceremony for Artists and Cultural Persons Who Brightened Korea
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This 9 th  award, which is awarded by the Chairman of the Challenge Korean Movement Association and the Seoul Economic Association, Park Hee-young, which marks its ninth this year in 2021. It is the most prestigious award in Korea, which has been awarded by Nim, Hyunjin Ryu, and President Kim Yong of World Bank.
Hee-young Park, chairman of the Seoul Economic Association, serves as the president of the Cultural Newspaper for the Disabled, the Chairman of the Myeongyang Scholarship Foundation, and the Chairman of the Scent of Thought.

Dr. Hye-ran Joo(left), The 9th Awards Ceremony for Artists and Cultural Persons Who Brightened Korea
Dr. Hye-ran Joo(left), The 9th Awards Ceremony for Artists and Cultural Persons Who Brightened Korea

The Seoul Economic Association is leading the win-win market, where 4,800 SMEs from member companies have established a network, which not only expands the global market, saves the local economy, and revitalizes overseas export markets, but also provides financial consulting and excellent products overseas.
This is the welcoming remark of Park Hee-myeong, the venue.
Challenges make our Korea beautiful. There is a meaningful place now because of the love of Korea and the beautiful people who are challenging.
Through this meaningful event, “Korea Challenge Koreans!” to the attitude of a new artist and culture person amidst the endless challenges, efforts and passions of all of you! The meaningful name and Guinness people gathered as a result.
It is the moment when your hard work, passion, and every drop of sweat make the peaks of your efforts so far. I sincerely congratulate you with a strong applause for your hard work and enthusiasm.”
Namjin (singer), who won the Achievement Award in the Culture and Arts Division at the 9th Korea Arts and Culture Awards, is a trot singer and superstar representing Korea in the 60s and 70s.
It can be said that he is a living witness of the history of the music industry, who is constantly active as an active player who has passed the 50th anniversary of his debut.
Papa Geumpa, who won the Trot Rookie Award in the Korean Art Division, is a traditional artist representing Korea, and in 2020, his life began as a trot singer with a merry-go-round song.

Dr. Hye-ran Joo
Dr. Hye-ran Joo

As a singer, he is proudly recognized as a singer, saying that it is the dream of a singer who has found it again in 32 years.
He is an unmanned man created by Korea who previously performed a performance that sublimated a traditional Korean shaman into an artistic dimension at Carnegie Hall.
Winner Kim Tae-hee is a former SBS 11th public talent talent in 2009, and is currently an actor in China and is producing a program called “Kim Tae-hee Chat”.
Eun-seol Mo, who won the Broadcasting Writer Category, has won the Broadcasting Artist Award in the Show Entertainment Category at the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards.
Eun-ji Lee won the comedian category, and Chi-seung Yang won the award-winning spottainer category, which is an art culture, and produced a famous celebrity with great body as a personal trainer. Many other celebrities have won awards.
Among the outstanding figures at this awards ceremony is Dr. Hye-ran Joo, a public relations ambassador for the Korea Health Association and a female president of the Seoul Association of the Korea Senior Citizens.
This is the impression of the award from Dr. Joo Hye-ran, the youngest woman in Korea, the youngest head of the public health center.
“I have lived my entire life as a health care professional. It was a moment when my life as a health care professional was recognized socially.
The person that comes to mind at this moment is the father.

The 9th Awards Ceremony for Artists and Cultural Persons Who Brightened Korea
The 9th Awards Ceremony for Artists and Cultural Persons Who Brightened Korea

(Dr. Song Jeong Joo-ho, who is the teacher and father of health care workers who has been a big support as a health care professional, is her father.)
Last year, a lecture hall was opened at Korea University, which is also my alma mater, and it was an opportunity to give my father a little reward. “
Currently, the Gyeongshin Building, located on Gosan-ro 8-gil, Seongdong-gu, was the place where his parents lived after the Korean War, honoring the will of his mother, Dr. Kim Gyeong-shin, and is currently operating as a Songjeong nursing home.
In the basement music room, Korea's first No. 1 DJ Choi Dong-wook's “Three Poetry Dial” is in progress and is held every Thursday and Saturday at 3 PM.
Dr. Joo Hye-ran, a woman who made a mark in the history of the Republic of Korea who practiced the desire to be with the sick and needy elderly, with love and service from marginalized neighbors. Today, to be happy together by emphasizing the role of the elderly as the change and subject of a happy society. I am on a busy schedule.

Dr. Hye-ran Joo
Dr. Hye-ran Joo


Hyeran Joo Biography
-Korea's first female and youngest head of public health center
-Head of Health Center, Okcheon-gun, Chungbuk
-Head of Health Center, Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi-do
-Head of Public Health Center in Gangdong-gu, Yongsan-gu, and Gangnam-gu, Seoul
-Director of Joo Clinic (Seocho, Gangnam, Gangseo)
-First Korean female member of the Ministry of Environment Special Advisory Committee
-Research Fellow, AIDS Epidemiology of Minorities, National Institutes of Health
-Special Advisory Committee Member, World Environmental Organization
-Head of the World Stop AIDS Movement
-Outpatient Professor, College of Medicine, Korea University (current)
-Chairman of the Korean Senior Citizen's Association Medical Service Committee    
-Sponsoring Chairman of the Blue Bird Arts Group composed of defectors
-Chairman of Namsadang, a corporation registered in UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage (current)
-Public Relations Ambassador of Korea Health Association
-Korea Senior Citizens' Association, Seoul City Federation Women's Chairman

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