Lee Jun-seok nominated as the leader of the main opposition People Power Party
Lee Jun-seok nominated as the leader of the main opposition People Power Party
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Lee defeats main competitors Na Kyung-won, Joo Ho-young

Lee Jun-seok, the 36-year-old candidate for the leadership of the main opposition People Power Party (PPP), was confirmed as the party leader at a national convention held on the PPP’s central party building in Yoeuido, Seoul, on June 11.

According to the result of the party's leadership race, Lee Joon-seok earned 42% in the approval rate; Na Kyung-won 31%; Joo Ho-young 14%; Hong Moon-pyo 5%; and Cho Kyung-tae 6%.

Lee Jun-seok, new leader of the main opposition People Power Party
Lee Jun-seok, new leader of the main opposition People Power Party

Lee, the party's leader-elect, said, "I thank all the candidates who had runned in the race together. Let's shake off the resentment and disappointment in the race and walk together to win next year's presidential election."

Meanwhile, Kim Ki-hyun, acting party leader of the PPP, said, "I think the party's approval rating has also increased thanks to the fierce primary. Let's lead the Presidential election victory by protecting potential Presidential candidates for the PPP.”

A Maxim cover model becomes the leader of the main opposition PPP.

When Lee Jun-seok, a former supreme council member in his 30s, was elected as the new leader of the People's Power Party on June 11, pleasant responses poured out online.

Maxim, a male magazine, congratulated the new leader, saying, "The once Maxim cover model has become the leader of the main opposition party.”

Lee Jun-seok appeared as a cover model for the August 2019 issue of Maxim
Lee Jun-seok appeared as a cover model for the August 2019 issue of Maxim

Lee appeared as a cover model for the August 2019 issue of Maxim. Lee posed in his pajamas, holding a toothbrush in his mouth, and pressing the remote control.

In addition to Lee, Maxim has also featured figures who are not active in the entertainment industry as cover models, including Pyo Chang-won, head of the Institute of Criminology and Science, and Lee Chul-hee, senior presidential secretary for political affairs.
Some people were delighted that there seemed to be a parody of singer Lim Jae-beom's song "For You" in his acceptance speech of the PPP.

In his acceptance speech, Lee said, "These 'rough thoughts' about the change I am talking about, the 'unstable eyes' of traditional party members looking at it, and the challenge to change will be seen as warlike fierceness to the people watching it, and through this change we will change and win."

Internet users claimed that Lee parodied the lyrics of "For You," – “Rough thoughts, anxious eyes and you watching it."
They enjoyed themselves by saying, "Lee plagiarized the lyrics of the song," "This is a hommage," and "Lee is very funny and smart."

Resume of Lee Jun-seok:

Lee Jun-seok, also known in the English-speaking world as Jun-seok Andy Lee, was born on March 31, 1985 (age 36).

According to Wikipedia, Lee is an alma mater of Harvard University in the United States and his occupation includes an entrepreneur and a politician. 

Excerpts from the Wikipedia account of Lee follow:

He is the incumbent chairman of the Korean Independent Baseball Association since 2017, and is also a founder of Edushare, an educational service organization.

Lee was one of the 11-member Grand National Party’s (later Saenuri Party then Liberty Korea Party) Leadership Council, being the youngest member ever to sit on the Council that was given the power to overhaul the Party.

Lee studied in an American school in Indonesia for one year, and later attended and graduated from Seoul Science High School. Once admitted to KAIST, Lee transferred to Harvard University and received a B.A. in Economics and Computer Science.

Lee interned as South Korean lawmaker Yoo Seong-min's assistant.

In lieu of military service, he did alternative service at Innotive, an IT firm owned by Nexon, as a junior software engineer. During his service he founded Edushare, a service organization similar to Teach for America to provide academic services to students who are a part of low-income families. Lee first began the organization by an online plea in Seoul Science High Alumni website to recruit volunteers.

In 2010, Lee founded ClasseStudio, an online education startup along with the people he met at Innotive.

Handpicked by the then National Assemblywoman Park Geun-hye (later President of the Republic of Korea), Lee Jun-seok is the youngest ever to hold a leadership position in the history of the conservative ruling party.

Being a part of the Leadership Council, Lee's role was to make key decisions on behalf of the party, including the selection of candidates to run in the parliamentary elections in April. Pundits view the appointment to appeal to the younger demographic and counter the surging popularity of Ahn Cheol-soo

Lee's background in computer science and a track record of public service resemble those of Ahn and some see that as the reason for the appointment. Lee remained as a member of Saenuri Party after Park Geun-hye became the President of South Korea.

21st general election:

Even though he won the main vote for the third time in the 21st general election to win the Nowon-gu district, he was persuaded by those who lost the pre-voting, which recorded the highest voter turnout ever, and claimed that he would not be swayed by YouTube's conservatives, but rather reform the conservatives.

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