Kore.AI to provide 'AI secretaries' to UAE’s Mashreq bank
Kore.AI to provide 'AI secretaries' to UAE’s Mashreq bank
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  • 승인 2021.06.20 08:50
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Kore.AI, a global interactive artificial intelligence (AI) and digital user experience (UX) company, made an announcement on June 17 that it has supplied 'Bank Assist', an interactive AI-based virtual assistant, to Mashreq Bank, an UAE financial institution.

Mashreq Bank can help more than 500,000 retail financial customers, who are private and small business clients, quickly solve various questions in Arabic and English through Bank Assist. More than 100 small deposits, loans and remittance services are available by voice and text.

Kore.AI's Bank Assist provides such services with natural language processing (NLP) technology. It maintains the context of past conversations to ensure consistent experiences when customers change communication channels for counseling, go directly to banks for follow-up services, or connect with real-world counselors.

Bank Assist is built on a no-code platform for easy development on web UI screens and is organically integrated with common banking systems and third-party apps.

"We are trying to solve the limited self-service and lack of personalization that bank customers often experience by introducing interactive AI functions that automate daily business interactions and help them work smarter," said Raj Koneru, the founder and CEO of Kore.AI.

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