“We share what we have with others, pursue happiness together”
“We share what we have with others, pursue happiness together”
  • By Business Editor Sung Jung-wook , Kim Myung-keun
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Nongshim CSR Group

The name consists originally of two Chinese characters Nong (농) and Shim (심), where the former means a ‘Farmer’ and the latter ‘Mind.’ So, Nongshim, originally, means, “The mind of the farmers,” which, in a sense, is the ‘Mind of the People’ and in extension the ‘Mind of the Korean People’ as Korea, originally, was an agriculture-centered country and where the people were basically farmers.
So, the company originally caught the mind of the people, who are, in a broad sense, all ‘consumers’ and thus Nogshin had ‘people’ in mind when they created the company.

Park Joon, CEO of Nong Shim
Park Joon, CEO of Nong Shim

Motto of Nogshim CSR Group is also “Willingly share the things I have with my neighbors and pursue the happiness together.”
This the Philosophy of Nongshim, which is one of the three core values of ‘Gae-Mul-Seong-Mu,’ ‘Nongshim Philosophy’ and ‘Do-Yeon Spirit.’ 
Nongshim established CSR group in March 2007 as they were a global food company pursuing happiness and health together with customers. It is conducting CSR activities actively.

Philosophy and System of Nongshim CSR group:

CSR philosophy, according to the company public relations, has the purpose of realizing sustainable management and contributing to the development of local community by fulfilling social responsibilities and conducting eco-friendly economic activities.
“Accordingly,” they say, “we want to become a company together with the local community for a long time by setting the CSR direction to Nongshim type volunteer activities, CSR programs incorporating the characteristics of food company and CSR activities that meet the needs of local community.”
Under the slogan of “Making the world a better place to live in with Nongshim,” Nongshim CSR group is composed of steering committee and CSR group for each business places: Headquarters, Anyang, Anseong, Asan, Gumi, Busan, Noksan factories. Each business place establishes annual activity plan to conduct CSR activities together with local community by donating products to groups and facilities in need of help and volunteering activities.
Nongshim is taking the lead in making the world a better place to live in by giving back to the society what has been earned through hard work by the entire working force. 
Nongshim has conducted CSR activities in the real earnest by establishing CSR group in March 2007. Each business place establishes annual activity plan to provide products to shelters and groups in need and conduct volunteer activities to become ‘a company that is together with local community for a long time.’.

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