Cuchen to export its smart cooker "FlexCuc" to Russia
Cuchen to export its smart cooker "FlexCuc" to Russia
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With the first shipment of $850,000, it aims to enter European market

Cuchen, a premium kitchen appliance company, announced on Sept. 28 that it will launch its first export of "FlexCuc," an all-in-one cooking appliance, to Russia, which is gaining huge popularity as a smart cooker in Korea.

The first shipment will be $850,000, which is expected to increase steadily in the future and target overseas markets. Cuchen expects Russian exports of "FlexCuc" to be a bridgehead for entering the European smart cooker market.

Cuchen’s smart cooker “FlexCuc”
Cuchen’s smart cooker “FlexCuc”

FlexCuc combines SR motor-based blades that can freely control force and speed and induction (IH) technology that precisely controls temperature.

It was developed in Russian according to the localization strategy. Unlike existing products with built-in Korean recipes, it is equipped with 70 recipes made by Russian chefs. Among them, 30 recipes can be viewed by users through a smartphone app through Bluetooth function.

An official from Cuchen said, "We plan to actively carry out marketing such as advertising and cooking classes in Russia. We plan to start overseas sales such as neighboring countries and Asia in earnest following Russian exports."

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