Yuhan-Kimberly wins the UNCCD Secretary-General's Award
Yuhan-Kimberly wins the UNCCD Secretary-General's Award
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In recognition of its strenuous efforts for prevention of desertification in Mongolia

Yuhan-Kimberly won the UNCCD Secretary-General's Award at the 'Excellent Desertification Prevention Video' contest held for domestic and foreign companies and organizations about the case of desertification prevention activities. Yuhan-Kimberly has continued such activities in Mongolia.

The contest was held to praise the efforts to prevent desertification and to draw the public's attention, and the winning cases were shared during the 10th anniversary of the Changwon Initiative.

View of Yuhan-Kimberly Forest in Mongolia
View of Yuhan-Kimberly Forest in Mongolia

For the past 20 years, Yuhan-Kimberly has been working hard to prevent desertification by cultivating Yuhan-Kimberly Forest, which is 11 times larger than Yeouido, in Mongolia, one of the sources of yellow dust.

Tujiin Nars where Yuhan-Kimberly Forest is located, was a place where pine trees were dense enough to mean ‘endless pine forest’, but it was devastated by two big fires in the 1990s and desertification was accelerating.

Since 2003, Yuhan-Kimberly and the civic group 'Northeast Asia Forest Forum' have planted and nurtured more than 10 million trees in a vast area of 3,250 ha, 11 times larger than Yeouido, and successfully restored it to a dense forest. Significance can also be found in that the number of sources of yellow dust has been reduced.

In Mongolia, it is also known as a new eco-tourism course and plays a big role as a learning place for students and citizens to learn best practices for tree planting and forest restoration.

Yuhan-Kimberly CSR manager said, “I feel rewarded for being able to make a small contribution to the prevention of desertification in Mongolia. We will continue our efforts for this.”

Yuhan-Kimberly has planted and nurtured more than 54 million trees in national and public forests through the 'Make Our Rivers and Mountains Green' campaign started in 1984.

The company has been actively responding to climate change by discovering beautiful forests, creating schools in the forest, creating carbon-neutral forests, and restoring forests in border areas. It has also been practicing Environmental Management 3.0 that contributes to environmental protection.

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