Kahlua presents coffee cocktail menus at nine cafes in Seoul for 30 days
Kahlua presents coffee cocktail menus at nine cafes in Seoul for 30 days
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Pernod Ricard Korea opens ‘Coffee Goes Cocktails’ Season 3 as a collaboration between Kahlua and nine Seoul cafes.
The program will spotlight the charms of Kahlua through coffee cocktail recipes created to reflect the unique characters of select skilled baristas.

Pernod Ricard Korea’s coffee liqueur Kahlua, the number one of its kind in the world, announced on December 27, 2021 that it is once again conducting its “Coffee Goes Cocktails’ promotion presenting Kahlua coffee cocktail menus at nine cafes in Seoul for 30 days starting today. 
With the culture of ‘Home café’ becoming trendy, #coffee cocktails have recently been drawing attention on social media. More and more cafes are introducing coffee cocktails, boosting consumer demand, especially among Gen Z and Millennials.   
The leading global coffee liqueur brand Kahlua, which enjoys a huge fan base around the world, is conducting a special ‘Coffee Goes Cocktails’ promotion. The brand collaborated with nine trendy cafes in Seoul that are considered hot places on Instagram to develop a special Kahlua coffee cocktail menu to be offered for 30 days. Each reflects the unique characteristics of the café’s baristas.  


Center Coffee located in Sungsu-dong will present four coffee cocktails created by the head barista, Park Sang-ho who won the championship at the world-renowned barista competition the UK Brewers Cup. Guests who order the coffee cocktails during the promotion period will be offered a food paring with a Tiramisu made using Kahlua as well as a chance to participate in the ‘Kahlua Cocktail Class’ where the head barista Park Sang-ho will share an easy and fun coffee drink recipe using Kahlua.  
Other leading cafes such as ‘Coffee and Cigarette’ in Seosomun-dong and ‘BiBiBi Coffee’ in Seongsu-dong will sell Kalua merchandizes specially made to commemorate ‘Coffee Goes Cocktails’ Season 3 as well as Kahlua coffee cocktails created using the café’s own unique recipes. The brand is planning to actively communicate with consumers by providing those who experience ‘Kahlua coffee cocktails’ with numerous opportunities to enjoy diverse aspects of coffee and develop its appeal as a lifestyle brand.  
Marketing director Kerrie Kim of Pernod Ricard Korea noted, “The ‘Coffee Goes Cocktails’ promotion which is starting its season 3 after season 1 in November 2020 and season 2 in June 2021, has been offering coffee-loving consumers a chance to experience advanced coffee lifestyle in their daily life through collaboration with a total of 18 trendy cafes in Seoul. We will introduce coffee aficionados to a diverse and unique coffee experience that only Kahlua can offer and will continue to communicate with consumers through ‘Coffee Goes Cocktails.’ 
Meanwhile, Kahlua released a well-received new bottle package in September in an effort to appeal to consumers as a familiar trendy lifestyle brand amid the rapid growth of the coffee market and the global ‘home café’ trend. The new look emphasizes its Mexican heritage and coffee credentials using 100% high-quality arabica beans.

KAHLUA  (https://www.pernod-ricard-korea.com/brands/malibu)
Kahlua, a coffee liqueur from Mexico since 1936, is composed mainly of tequila, coffee, and sugarcane. Kahlua uses only the selected high-quality arabica beans and sugarcane alcohol from Veracruz, Mexico and goes through strict quality control process in Kahlua distillery. It is the first liqueur to be included in global liquor brands for 20’s and shows its versatility by being a base ingredient in different occasions such as in pastry and bakery. As the recent ‘Home-bar’ trend, meaning enjoying drinks at home, spreads across, Kahlua has released its second product ‘Kahlua Mint Mocha’, following ‘Kahlua Original’, to gratify different consumer tastes. 

Pernod Ricard Korea (http://www.pernod-ricard-korea.com/)
Pernod Ricard Korea is the South Korean subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, a world leader in wine and spirits. The company sells the world's leading Scotch whiskys of 'Ballantine's', 'Chivas Regal', and 'Royal Salute', the single malt Scotch Whiskys of 'The Glenlivet' and 'Aberlour', the premium white spirits of 'Absolut Vodka', and the premium gins of 'Monkey 47' and 'Beefeater', the Irish whisky of 'Jameson', the liquors of 'Kahlua' and 'Malibu', and the premium champagnes of 'Perrier-Jouët' and 'Mumm'. While continuing its efforts for responsible drinking, Pernod Ricard Korea has provided the 'Pernod Ricard Gugak Scholarship' in cooperation with the Gugak National Middle and High School since 2002 to promote the continuation of the traditional culture of Korea. In recognition of its contribution to the development and popularization of culture and arts, the company was certified as ‘2020's Excellent Organization in Culture and Arts Sponsorship’ from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Pernod Ricard Korea is fulfilling its role as a responsible member of the South Korean society by carrying out projects to support local communities in cooperation with relevant organizations.

페르노리카 코리아(Pernod Ricard Korea) 페르노리카 코리아(Pernod Ricard Korea)

페르노리카 코리아(Pernod Ricard Korea) 페르노리카 코리아(Pernod Ricard Korea)


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