Kyungnam University opening the future as a regional innovative university
Kyungnam University opening the future as a regional innovative university
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Selected as a general financial support university, recognized for innovative capabilities with USG shared university course operation

Since its establishment in 1946, Kyungnam University, led by President Park Jae-kyu, boasts a history and tradition of over 70 years and is growing into a prestigious university that nurtures 'creative convergence regional talents' who will lead regional development.

The beautiful and eco-friendly Wolyeong campus and future-oriented state-of-the-art educational facilities provide students with the best atmosphere for study, helping them to develop a successful career path along with their studies.

President Park Jae-kyu of Kyungnam University
President Park Jae-kyu of Kyungnam University

In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, Kyungnam University is focusing on specialization and experience-based operation with the vision of ‘a regional innovative university that opens the future’, and continues various educational innovations to nurture AI-based customized talents.

Thanks to these efforts, Kyungnam University was recently selected as the ‘General Financial Support University’ in the 2021 basic competency diagnosis following the ‘University of Self-improvement’ in the appraisal of the Ministry of Education.

In the ‘2021 University Innovation Support Project Performance Evaluation’ of the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea, it received the highest grade of A for two consecutive years, further solidifying its status as a ‘regional prestigious private school’.

In addition, it received excellent and best evaluations in the 'Industry Perspective University Evaluation' that the industry is paying attention to.

Students discuss their own vision and goals and establish academic plans in a room of Kyungnam University.
Students discuss their own vision and goals and establish academic plans in a room of Kyungnam University.

It has been recognized for excellence and innovation capabilities by the government’s national projects, various indicators, industries, and local communities every year, such as participating in the ‘Smart Manufacturing Advanced Manpower Cultivation Project’ and nurturing key manpower for manufacturing innovation.
  Currently, Kyungnam University has introduced the High-Tech, High Touch Learning model as a teaching-learning method that supports individual learning in a group education system centered on an experience-based curriculum where students learn through various experiences.
In particular, in preparation for the future era, the university provides high-quality educational services such as 'creative experience', 'convergence experience', 'local experience', 'challenge experience', and 'global experience' in both online and offline directions, breaking away from existing theory-centered classes. 

In addition, the ‘Self-Organized Learning Environment (SOLE)’ is being operated, in which students set their own vision and goals and establish academic plans.

In order to strengthen each student's competency and develop a stable career path, we are supporting various non-curricular programs such as academic consulting professors, learning consultant professor system by major, NET-a academic guidance system, FESTA week operation, and learning navigation GPS operation.

The academic system has been improved so that students can easily complete multiple majors by easing the minimum major and double major requirements.

At the same time, Kyungnam University is actively operating various employment programs for students to help them successfully set up their career paths and to advance into society in a stable manner.
Major departments within the school, such as the Human Resources Development Office, the Education Innovation Center, and the University Life Culture Center, are working together to provide more students with counseling and consulting through systematic management.

The whole view of Kyungnam University
The whole view of Kyungnam University

Focus on nurturing future talents with creative wisdom

Kyungnam University is striving to nurture outstanding talents with creative wisdom in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

In order for all students to have basic SW skills, the university allow students to complete the course of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, data science, etc. as liberal arts selectives, helping them grow into 'convergence talents' who combine their major with the latest SW technology in the era of digital transformation.

As part of that, the 'Artificial Intelligence/Software (AI/SW) Convergence University' was established to focus on nurturing talents in the fields of information technology (IT), artificial intelligence (AI), and smart technology.
Students majoring in the “Smart Mechanical Convergence Engineering Course”, established last year, utilizes Kyungnam University's Palyong Campus, where various cutting-edge devices are concentrated, and stably develops the 'Smart Mechanical Convergence Engineering Specialist', a core asset that can lead Korea's industrial innovation and regional industry development.

In addition, the Department of Occupational Therapy was established to train occupational therapists who have been selected as jobs that are difficult to be replaced by artificial intelligence in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

In addition, to support the learning environment of students, a new PBL room for high-level learning was established, and digital-based smart learning rooms equipped with cutting-edge equipment such as image display devices and smart device mirroring systems, mini-studios, and creative convergence study rooms were installed throughout the campus. We support each student to maximize their creativity, learning ability, and educational effect.


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