BAT Sacheon Factory acquires the AWS certification
BAT Sacheon Factory acquires the AWS certification
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Sacheon Factory recycles 18,000 tons of water resources annually with its wastewater recycling facility

BAT Sacheon Factory has been officially certified for the International Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), the company announced on April 7.

BAT Sacheon Factory has taken steps to acquire the AWS certification since last year and passed the final assessment through rigorous on-site water resource management and consultation with stakeholders.

View of the BAT Sacheon Factory
View of the BAT Sacheon Factory

With its water recycling facility, BAT Sacheon Factory has been recycling 18,000 tons of wastewater annually. This is equivalent to the water required to fill 7 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Along with the monthly inspection of its wastewater treatment and the industrial complex management authority’s check-up, BAT Sacheon Factory has been seeking ways to improve the environment and seek a win-win with the local community by sharing the outcome of the on-site water resource inspection results inside and outside the factory.

Moreover, BAT Sacheon Factory is carrying out the enterprise-wide ESG campaign, ‘CO2 Diet,’ and has been encouraging the employees to adopt a habit of natural resource conservation by installing and operating equipment such as sensor-based faucets and urinals, water-conserving toilets, etc. inside the factory.

A company spokesperson said, “BAT Sacheon Factory has set a strict mid-to-long-term goal to reduce carbon emission and manage water resource continuously investing in equipment and facilities. By acquiring the AWS certification which testifies to the implementation of the responsible environmental practices, it aims to accelerate environmentally responsible operation and contribute to A Better Tomorrow.”

AWS is a global membership collaboration comprising businesses, NGOs, and the public sector, and operates with the common goal to promote the responsible use of water resources. During the process of acquiring the AWS certification, there is a comprehensive verification of water-related facilities, water quality hygiene management, water conservation as well as the impact to the hydro-ecosystem in the basin.

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