UAE Embassy participates in ‘IGF 2022’
UAE Embassy participates in ‘IGF 2022’
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“Introducing various products of UAE”

UAE Embassy announced that they had participated the ‘IGF 2022 (Imported Goods Fair 2022)’ opened at COEX Hall C for 3 days and began to promote its country’s various product in the earnest.
On this day, H.E UAE Ambassador to Korea Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi and related official from the embassy participated in the opening ceremony of UAE booth to announce the opening of the booth for promoting UAE products.

 Ambassador Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi of UAE (Center) is conducting a meeting with a visitor to the UAE booth.
Ambassador Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi of UAE (Center) is conducting a meeting with a visitor to the UAE booth.

H.E Ambassador Al Nuaimi said “The UAE is maintain very good relationship and collaborating with Korea” And added “I hope this exhibition will serve as an opportunity to showcase the products and technologies of promising companies in the UAE and collaborate together.”
The companies that was shown in the booth included ‘Rak Ceramics’ which is one of the largest ceramics company globally, ‘Camelicious’ a camel milk product maker, ‘Health way’ a trading and distribution company supplying health care/medicine, ‘Danat’ a traditional UAE plates, food, spice packaging and marketing company, ‘Coco Jalila’ fine artisanal chocolate maker, ‘Biethaam’ personal care industry material manufacturing company. Interested companies may visit the booth and provided with consultation regarding UAE products.
Meanwhile, the Embassy of the UAE not only introduced various products, but also introduced the fields of investment in the UAE. Currently, the UAE is actively promoting investment in six sectors: R&D, food & agriculture, healthcare, IT & AI, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.
The UAE government is actively encouraging investment in their home country by providing companies with various incentives such as 10 years of visa, corporate income tax reduction, and repatriation of capital and profits when making investments. One can visit ‘InvestEmirates’ official website for detailed information.

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