ABSOLUT VODKA, opening a pop-up store ‘ABSOLUT HOME’
ABSOLUT VODKA, opening a pop-up store ‘ABSOLUT HOME’
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-Showing its brand-new changes with leading contemporary artists
-Runs from the 7th to the 31st of July at S Factory in Seongsu-dong

ABSOLUT announced on the 6th of July to launch a pop-up store, ‘ABSOLUT HOME’ from July 7th to 31st. It plans to present various programs to show brand heritage and manufacturing philosophy, and its brand-new changes with the leading contemporary artists.  

‘ABSOLUT HOME’ consists of spaces where consumers can experience diverse contents through a heritage zone, living room, and game room that enhances their immersion. The heritage zone provides ABSOLUT’s manufacturing philosophy, successive bottle designs, and advertisement history. The living room and game room deliver the cultural value of ABSOLUT through the collaboration with recently noticeable artists and the combination of diverse cultures and arts.

The living room, which is collaborated with artist Yoyojin, who is characterized by drawing unique characters so called ‘doodle’, will offer inspiration through his free drawing work which is motivated by ABSOLUT. A game room that cooperates with neon sign artist, Yeojun Yoon offers the experience of ABSOLUT’s cultural mix based on ABSOLUT’s various flavors and colors through neon graphics. 

In addition, it provides various contents that can be enjoyed at all of the places in the pop-up. A media art space where is collaborated with a media art group ‘dot.mill’ shows the start and change of ABSOLUT and stunning contents in which diverse flavors virtually expressed. A camping specialty brand ‘Minimalworks’ offers an unique experiences for consumers at the outdoor terrace. The music performances with rising artists, and various cultural classes are also prepared. 

Runs from the 7th to the 31st of July at S Factory in Seongsu-dong 
Runs from the 7th to the 31st of July at S Factory in Seongsu-dong 

The pop-up store ‘ABSOLUT HOME’ is planned as a part of ABSOLUT VODKA’s new campaign, ‘Born to Mix – 앱솔루트로 어우러지다(being harmonious with ABSOLUT)’ that was released last May. ABSOLUT expects to deliver the campaign message of its brand philosophy - that is diverse thoughts, experiences, people, and cultures are connected and result in the positive changes in life - beyond simply mixing with vodka and drinks. It is characterized to embody ABSOLUT’s identity that is mixed with any circumstances such as daily life, break or rest, and party, which are also motivated by a home occasion, having a dual meaning of ABSOLUT HOME in Ahus, Sweden. 

Miguel Pascual, Marketing Director, said that “we prepare various programs to deliver our brand message, which is the main idea of ABSOLUT brand’s new campaign, ‘Born to Mix’, and we hope every visitor to have a pleasant time with ABSOLUT that shows its iconic identity with the leading artists”.

Pernod Ricard Korea (페르노리카 코리아)
Pernod Ricard Korea (페르노리카 코리아)


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