Pernod Ricard Korea Launches 3 Private Collection ‘RSRV’ Champagnes from ‘Maison Mumm’
Pernod Ricard Korea Launches 3 Private Collection ‘RSRV’ Champagnes from ‘Maison Mumm’
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“Only the Best"
RSRV, A Private Collection from Maison Mumm with 200 Years of Tradition and Knowhow

Pernod Ricard Korea announced the release of 3 champagnes of the ‘Maison Mumm RSRV Collection’ that contains the “Only the Best" philosophy of Maison Mumm, a champagne house established in 1827. 

Since they were first produced in 1838, Maison Mumm’s exceptional champagnes have been reserved for a circle of insiders. A tradition perpetuated for nearly 200 years by successive cellar master, who personally gifted the house’s finest cuvées, which were marked as reserved in the cellars and books with the initials “RSRV". 

“Only the Best" RSRV, A Private Collection from Maison Mumm with 200 Years of Tradition and Knowhow
“Only the Best" RSRV, A Private Collection from Maison Mumm with 200 Years of Tradition and Knowhow

‘Maison Mumm’, with proud 200 years of history, has been established under the motto of founder Georges Hermann Mumm, “Only the Best". The Maison is one of the highest quality vineyard in Champagne, and is with the perfect terroir for the production of the finest cuvées. ‘RSRV’ is the very expression of the Maison Mumm spirit seeking only the best. 

‘Maison Mumm RSRV Collection’, to be introduced for the first time in Korea, is the only collection with 100% Grand Cru, and will present 3 types of champagnes, RSRV Cuvee 4.5, RSRV Cuvee BLANC DE BLANCS 2015 and RSRV Cuvee LALOU 2008. Moreover, the design inspired by a small water bottle in the 19th century has been reborn with a modern touch, and the label containing a brand story, in which the Maison house folded one corner of the label tagging the champagne recipient, is characteristic of RSRV. 

Through RSRV Cuvee 4.5, harmonious and colorful champagne with Grand Cru grapes, from 5 villages, all rated 100% Grand Cru consumers can taste the essence of champagne. The champagne offers harmonious flavors, of both intensity and richness, with top quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blended and aged for 4 years and more. With a brilliant golden shine, Cuvee 4.5 first boasts a fluorescent fruit aroma, and fruit marmalade, honey, nougat, and rich and sweet vanilla join together with roasted coffee and mocha notes. 

RSRV Cuvee BLANC DE BLANCS 2015 is a champagne that embraces the freshness of the finest Chardonnay grapes. 100% from Cramant village having been aged for long years at a lower pressure (4.5bar) than traditional champagnes, delicate sparkling bubbles remain intact in the bottle. The Blanc de Blancs experience is green and pure light-yellow brightness, citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit and a sweet and fresh aroma of lemon meringue tart and peach. Champagne lovers will meet an impressive first taste, rich freshness and tanginess, and an attractive long-lasting finish. 

RSRV Cuvee LALOU 2008 is representative of sophisticated champagne, a powerful combination of elegance and luxury. It is premium champagne with 7 finest Grand Cru wines from the best plots of Mumm vineyards blended and aged for 10 years. The golden, transparent champagne starts with sweet pastry notes, gives off fresh notes of glazed lemon and pear marmalade, and finishes with subtle biscuity toast and brioche, and vanilla notes.

The flavors of the Masion Mumm RSRV Collection can be further enriched in a dining pairing. The savor and flavors of Cuvee 4.5, with its diverse and harmonious flavors, reach their peaks when enjoyed with halibut, lamb and apricot or mushroom dishes. Crispy and refreshing BLANC DE BLANCS 2015 is recommended together with seafood such as oysters, lobsters, scallops, and LALOU 2008, boasting sweet and toasty flavors, goes perfectly well with white truffles and Comte cheese. 

“The ’Maison Mumm RSRV Collection’ is a collection through which consumers can wholly experience the top quality champagnes of Maison Mumm, and is already drawing much attention from domestic wine lovers" explains Miguel Pascual, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Korea, and adds that “we hope you enjoy luxury dining moments with RSRV collection, the luxurious line of Maison Mumm, a house that pursues premium values in champagnes with its 200-year history". 

Meanwhile, various activities will be provided to celebrate the launch of the Mumm RSRV line in collaboration with Michelin Guide where RSRV was sold in exclusive venues. 

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