LG H&H Vice President Lee Jung-ae promoted to 1st female CEO of LG Group
LG H&H Vice President Lee Jung-ae promoted to 1st female CEO of LG Group
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Promotion of one executive director, appointment of one new executive

LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) held a board meeting on Nov. 24 and promoted Vice President Lee Jung-ae, who is currently in charge of the refreshment business, to the first female president of LG Group and appointed her CEO.

Vice Chairman Cha Suk-yong, who led LG H&H for the past 18 years, reportedly decided to resign to pave the way for younger generations.

President Lee Jung-ae of LG Household & Health Care
President Lee Jung-ae of LG Household & Health Care

President Lee Jung-ae is the first female executive from the public recruitment of new LG Household & Health Care employees.

She joined the company in 1986 and has been in charge of marketing various product lines such as hair care, body wash, and diapers since she started marketing in the household goods field.

Since the appointment of the head of the daily supply business in 2011, Lee has overcome the difficult business environment with differentiated marketing.

She became the first female president of LG Group from public recruitment in recognition of her achievements in strengthening her top position in the household goods market by successfully proceeding with the premiumization of products.

Since late 2015, she has been the head of the luxury cosmetics business, focusing on further strengthening the competitiveness of LG H&H luxury cosmetics brands such as "Whoo" "Su:m" and "O Hui" and fostering them as global brands.

In particular, she actively conducted luxury marketing of Whoo, a royal luxury cosmetics brand, by conveying the differentiated emotional value of "Queen's court culture" to customers, surpassing 1 trillion won in annual sales as a single brand in 2016.

Despite the difficult external environment, the company continued to grow, surpassing 2 trillion won in annual sales for the first time in the domestic cosmetics industry in 2018.

The natural and fermented cosmetics brand "Su:m" has become a next-generation brand by expanding its global customer base.

President Lee has been in charge of the beverage business since 2019, driving growth with product development, active marketing, and flexible channel strategies in line with consumption trends.

In particular, despite the limited outdoor activities since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, she staged active marketing campaigns.

President Lee has played a major role as an expert with a wide range of knowledge and experience as well as her strength as a woman who carefully takes care of the details.

In addition, Director Oh Sang-moon, who heads the LG H&H corporation in Japan, was promoted to executive director and appointed as the head of the beauty division.

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