"We are making Yangpyeong where happy residents harmonize with nature"
"We are making Yangpyeong where happy residents harmonize with nature"
  • By Deputy Editor Sung Jung wook 
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Stresses Governor Jeon Jin-seon of Yangpyeong-gun County at an interview with The Korea Post

By Deputy Editor Sung Jung wook 

Governor Jeon Jin-seon of Yangpyeong-gun County said, “Yangpyeong is a happy community where people and nature harmonize. The city we're trying to create is a place with a beautiful environment and a nice area to live in.”

Yangpyeong-gun, where Governor Jeon lived as a citizen
Yangpyeong-gun is the hometown where Governor Jeon Jin-seon was born and raised.
He graduated from Jipyeong Elementary School, Jipyeong Middle School, and High School affiliated with Incheon Inha University.
He completed his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate in police administration at Dongguk University.
He worked at the main office of the Korean National Police Agency, Seoul, southern Gyeonggi Province, Incheon, Gangwon, Chungbuk, and Jeonnam.

Governor Jeon Jin-seon of Yangpyeong-gun County
Governor Jeon Jin-seon of Yangpyeong-gun County

He served as the police chief of Yangpyeong, Yeoju, and Yeongdong, Chungcheongbuk-do. He also served as the head of the Incheon International Airport Police Department and the chief of the Incheon Regional Office.
He served as the 8th chairman of the Yangpyeong County Council (the second half) and is vice chairman of the Environment Division of the Central Party of the People's Power Party.
Yangpyeong-gun is also a tourist area visited by many visitors due to its clean water and clean air.
Although it is geographically adjacent to the Han River and has many mountainous characteristics, it is an optimal area for healing away from the noise and fatigue of the city due to its close distance from the center of Seoul. Above all, it is a place with more potential to grow into an environmental city than it is now.

To lead Yangpyeong-gun after being elected through the 8th-term popular votes
Governor Jeon Jin-seon said, "The 8th-term popular vote government’s vision is the 'people, nature, and happy Yangpyeong', and I want to create Yangpyeong where people live in pursuing individual happiness and creating social public interest." 
To this end, the first every corner of the five military administrations aims to break away from past development administration or administrative convenience, addressing inconveniences in welfare and living sites, and prioritizing the convenience of residents.
Among the five future directions of the Yangpyeong-gun, the first one  aims to break away from past development administration or administrative opportunism, while removing inconveniences in welfare and living sites, and prioritizing the convenience of residents.
Second, for the balanced development of eastern and western Yangpyeong, large-scale projects and small-scale life inconvenience projects will be balanced, and the happiness of the residents is pursued by filling and supplementing the already completed SOC projects.
Thirdly, lively jobs and tourism will boost small business start-ups, and establish a sustainable growth system for small and medium-sized enterprises to develop a tourism industry that utilizes the value of the ecological environment and create a well-growing economic environment.
Fourth, through the health and welfare of care and consideration system, we aim to improve the social safety net that the community cares for together and the function of health and welfare services for childbirth.
The last fifth is a communication civil service platform that secures administrative credibility by delivering accurate administrative information through communication and holding regular briefing sessions for guidance on living in Yangpyeong. He plans to lead Yangpyeong-gun, focusing on these five directions of the county.

Core pledges and implementation plans of Yangpyeong-gun
Governor Jeon Jin-seon said, "We will set the solution of inconvenience as a top priority for the county administration due to the increase in living complaints caused by the separation, discharge, collection, and transportation of household waste.
As a way to improve the garbage disposal problem in the county, we will establish a cleaning department dedicated to the garbage problem through reorganization in 2023.
In preparation for the growing population, the new cleaning department will actively respond to the garbage problem by systematically resolving inconveniences in the living field, improving waste disposal problems, and supplementing manpower and equipment."
Food waste measuring equipment (RFID) will be introduced annually in multi-family apartments.
It is said that it has the effect of reducing the generation and odor of food waste and simplifying the processing cost by tagging the card in the meter-rate machine.
It also plans to install residential waste discharge facilities for apartments annually.
In the case of apartments, there is a management office to systematically manage household waste, while villas and multi-family houses emit waster roadside because there is no management entity, which damages the landscape due to indiscriminate emissions. The facilities have an effect of solving such problems.
Governor Jeon said, "We plan to operate a living environment management team in 12 towns and villages. Sanitation workers have a difficult schedule to carry household waste in a cleaning vehicle.
After the street cleaner collects and transports them, a task force is subsequently deployed to handle emergency environmental complaints.
It is a system that improves the actual living environment, such as the maintenance of environmentally vulnerable areas, the treatment of agricultural waste vinyl that occurs at all times, and the maintenance of banners."

Deputy Editor Sung Jung-wook of The Korea Post poses with Governor Jeon Jin-seon (right) of Yangpyeong-gun County.
Deputy Editor Sung Jung-wook of The Korea Post poses with Governor Jeon Jin-seon (right) of Yangpyeong-gun County.

Yangpyeong County's population inflow policy 
Governor Jeon said, "As of the end of October 2022, the total population of Yangpyeong-gun was 123,955, up 6,155 from 117,800 as of the end of October 2018.
 “In order to cope with population decline and overcome low birth rates, we are preparing regular briefing sessions for the guidance of Yangpyeong life to provide useful information for those who are planning to move in Yangpyeong.”
We are pushing for a population policy tailored to increase the social population, such as building welfare homes for the elderly to improve the quality of life, providing free transportation for the elderly aged 65 or older, and supporting the settlement of return farmers and young farmers to revitalize farming."

The advantages of Yangpyeong-gun compared to other local governments
Governor Jeon said, "Yangpyeong-gun has many attractions that induce people because nature-centered tourist attractions such as Dumulmeori, Semiwon, and Yongmu Mountain, and Gudun Station, Mongyang Memorial Hall, and Sonagi Village are well preserved.
Based on this, we want to make use of the strengths of Yangpyeong-gun under the vision of the 8th-term popular vote, ‘People and Nature, Happy Yangpyeong’. 
He said, “I want to create a Yangpyeong that everyone has visited before by establishing a tourism department for the integration of the tourism sector, presenting reasons for visiting Yangpyeong from the standpoint of outsiders, and with our county’s unique competitiveness.”

Foreign cities that Yangpyeong-gun wants to resemble
Governor Jeon Jin-seon said, “I think we should go toward a tourist city with a developed service industry. There are many cities that I want to emulate, such as Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. Prior to that, it would be an urgent task to decide the direction our county will go. We need to benchmark cities that we want to emulate, such as food and electronic components that create high added value.”
My goal is to create a city that creates high added value, such as San Francisco, Napa Valley and Silicon Valley, and a livable city that integrates nature and food.

The goals of Yangpyeong Governor selected through the 8th popular vote 
Governor Jeon said, “I have learned and practiced public administration while experiencing 30 years of public service.
I think I have lived a life of volunteering while always communicating with the residents while going through the roles of the police chief and the chairman of the county council. In particular, by examining the administration of Yangpyeong-gun for the past 4 years at the 8th Yangpyeong-gun Council, I became convinced that we can create a better tomorrow for Yangpyeong.
I will lead Yangpyeong-gun with an attitude of selfless service by practicing the spirit of integrity with my body in order to spread my wings in a new country administration for the public interest of the people.”
It is worth watching the development of Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.

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