“We must break through the complex crisis through increased and revitalized export”
“We must break through the complex crisis through increased and revitalized export”
  • Lee Kyung-sik
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New Year's address by President Yoon Suk-yeol

By Publisher Lee Kyung-sik

President Yoon Suk-yeol said, “We must break through the complex crisis through increased and revitalized export!” Speaking in his New Year’s Address for 2023, Yoon said, “Exports are the backbone of our economy and a source of jobs.”
Then he said: “In the process of strengthening protectionism, security, economy, technical cooperation is being sought as a package deal. Our export strategy must be different from those of the past.”

President Yoon Suk-yeol
President Yoon Suk-yeol

Details of President Yoon’s New Yea Address follow:

Fellow Koreans whom I respect and love, overseas compatriots!
The hopeful New Year, 2023, has now dawned--brightly!
Happy New Year, my beloved citizens!
The complex global economic crisis came last year and so did the difficulties in and out of the country that came with uncertainties.
It was not an easy year caused by global supply chain disruptions and so many other difficulties, but with the sweat and will of the people, we were all able to overcome them.
In the face of the sharp rise in raw material prices and inflation, many countries around the world are raising interest rates. And we have appropriate have responded to the visitation as best as we could.
The world economy this year is stronger than ever. Also, a recession is highly likely.
The aftermath of the global recession could lead to a slowdown in our real economy. We will closely examine the severe economic situation, and do our level best to curb inflation.
The unavoidable rise in interest rates which is due to the excessive debt burden of our households and businesses. We will try to preemptively manage it so that it does not expand or aggravate the situation in the country.
We must break through the complex crisis through increased and revitalized export.
Exports are the backbone of our economy and a source of jobs.
However, the WTO system is weakening.
In the process of strengthening protectionism, security, economy,
technical cooperation is being sought as a package deal.
Our export strategy must be different from those of the past.
The countries that share the universal values of freedom, human rights and the rule of law must try to seek solidarity through economy and industry.
Solidarity based on universal values must be sought.
It is the most strategic choice in the current diplomatic reality.
Putting the economy at the center of all diplomacy, I will take care of the export strategy myself.
Launching the ‘Overseas Project for 50 Billion Dollars,’
infrastructure construction, nuclear power plant, defense industry
we will try to nurture them as our new export engine.
We will expand trade finance to 360 trillion won, the largest ever, to expand Korea's export territory to the world to the maximum possible extent. We will try to mobilize all our policy capabilities.
Looking back on the world history, crises and challenges have been brought under control through innovation as it drives the global economy. 
A country that has discovered new technologies and industries
create quality jobs, and we were able to achieve sustainable growth.
Future generations with entrepreneurial spirit, we will challenge new technologies and industries and we will spare no support so that the challenges can blossom brightly.
IT and bio industries as well as others such as from defense and nuclear power to carbon neutrality and entertainment, where we will open the era of ‘Startup Korea.’
We will also preemptively and boldly invest in future strategic technologies.
Starting with the successful launching of the Nuri in June last year, we will open unlimited opportunities to future generations.
The era of the space economy has now been opened.
Despite difficult financial conditions, the government's R&D investment ushered in an era of 30 trillion won.
New future strategic technology enhances the competitiveness of our industry, and we will make it stronger.
Core strategic technologies such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, and advanced biotechnology will be provided with our unreserved support for preoccupying the future technology market of the world. I will personally take care of it so that there is no negligence.
My fellow citizens,
In a country which is buried in maintaining vested interests and seeking no new developments, there will be no future.
The future of Korea and the fate of our future generations depend on our future-oriented investment.
The three major reforms of labor, education and pension cannot be postponed any longer.
First, through labor reform, we must lead the growth of our economy.
Adapting the labor market flexibly to meet the changing demands of the times, we will try to re-establish fairness in labor-management relations and cooperation.
To improve workplace safety, I will do my best.
The dual structure of the labor market needs to be improved.
Companies promoting job-oriented and performance-based transformation must be encouraged.
Compromise with the aristocratic strong union to establish a seniority system has now become something that should be done away with at once!
Government support for businesses that are being managed in a way that need improvement must also be taken care of for improvement.
The starting point of these labor reforms is ‘labor-management rule of law.’
Labor-management rule of law is what prevents unnecessary disputes and conflicts, It is the way to truly respect the value of labor.
Countries around the world are facing changing technology and exploding demand for manpower.
To properly respond to this situation, we are doing our level best to carry out the education reform in a proper manner.
Directly related to Korea's competitiveness, it is necessary to boldly transfer the authority over higher education to the region and we will to do our best support its connection with the local industry.
Without these educational reforms, it is difficult to achieve a balanced regional development.
In addition, balanced regional development is a shortcut to solving the problem of low birth rates.
We will try to diversify the educational process so that future generations can receive the education they want, and we will ensure that everyone can enjoy a fair opportunity.
Pension reform is also very important.
Failure to address the snow-balling pension budget deficits would make it very difficult to ensure the sustainability of the pension system.
Some countries have succeeded in pension reforms and what do they have in common? It is the social consensus, and over a long period of time it has been researched, discussed, and reached a conclusion.
In the areas of scientific research and research on pension finance, collecting public opinions and promoting public deliberation at a speedy manner are very important and I will submit a reform bill to the National Assembly.
Dear fellow citizens, the current crisis and challenge in our Republic of Korea, we can overcome them all with unity and the best efforts on the part of our people to solve them.
When we se a mistake, we must try to correct it.
We stop when we come in a wrong way. When we fall, I try to stand up again on my own feet!
We have been pushing for change and innovation with a strong will.
Obsession with vested interests is tenacious, and compromise with vested interests is an easy and convenient way. Some people are never satisfied with small gains.
Freedom gives us more opportunities and solidarity will give us a greater future.
I will never forget the mission given to me by the people.
With all our people, we will definitely achieve a new leap forward.
The New Year 2023!
Freedom lives and opportunities open wide!
Let's move towards the open ocean!
Thank you

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